Battle for Hyperborea

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Battle for Hyperborea

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Campaign Detail

Date Commenced: 523.010.M31
Date Concluded:
Outcome: Ongoing
Sub-Sector: Centrumeh Sub-Sector
System: Adlayd System
Location: Hyperborea Prime

Forces involved in the Campaign:

Loyalists Involved In The Conflict

Traitors Involved In The Conflict



Campaign Summary

The Initial Battle Of Hyperborea:

The Battle for Hyperborea drew in many legions from outlying sectors who all wished to have a monopoly over Hyperborea’s artefacts. The Traitor forces consisted of Thousand Sons, Dark Angels, World Eaters, Sons of Horus, Alpha Legion and Dark Mechanicum. The Loyalist forces included Space Wolves, Imperial Fists, Emperors Children, Dark Angels and Legio Custodes.

An Imperial Fist heavy support squad take aim at the enemy from their vantage point

After the initial landings of both the Loyalist and Traitor forces, small skirmish battles around the capital city were fought between scouting armies. The skirmish battles were relatively unsuccessful as little ground was gained by either side, ending the first engagement in a stalemate. The lack of information collected about Hyperborea would prove to be detrimental for either sides campaign. As little knowledge was gathered on the local flora, neither side expected to face carnivorous plants the size of a Primarch. Each plant was capable of eating half a dozen Astartes with ease, which was demonstrated on many occasions. The discovery of such plants sabotaged strategical manoeuvres and forced commanders to change battle plans. While two opposite aligned Dark Angel armies battled one another, the loyalist force led by 13th Company Captain Telemachus, encountered a carnivorous plant just moments before they were going to deal the final blow to the separatists, ensuring a loyalist victory. However, the plant proved deadly as the loyalists were trapped combatting the creature long enough for the separatists to sneak past.

Dark Angel Paladin Ferrando of Luther’s Seperatists

The ongoing battle on Hyperborea lured mercenaries seeking fortune to the planet, running rampant among the various battlefields, hindering and helping both forces. Multiple Assassins were sent after several high-ranking Astartes, failing on all occasions. Simultaneously, Ogroid mercs lending their services to both forces, changed the narrative of numerous battles. The most notable of mercenaries found on Hyperborea were the Knights of House Cattus, who were rescued by Dark Angel Paladin Ferrando of Luther’s Seperatists. The Knight House proved to be valuable allies throughout the campaign, leading the Dark Angel separatists to many victories on the battlefield.

Several High command officer
A force led by 5th Company Captain of the World Eaters, Kaltrax “The Enslaver” scout the ruins for any loyalist agents to capture
s and civilians with strategic information were captured, detailing key locations of STCs. 5th Company Captain of the World Eaters, Kaltrax “The Enslaver”, boasts the most number of captured civilians. With the help of Hathor Matt, the 2nd Company Captain of the Thousand Sons, both agents of the Warmaster were able to capture and extract information from a large number of civilians. The information extracted revealed locations, allowing the discovery of STC fragments. These fragments were archeotech from the Dark Age of Technology, which hold great value for any who found them. The fragments provided a treasure trove of information on archeotech and the ability to produce new designs.
Lunar wolves forces under the command of Warden Domeric Costayne

Each battle was bloody and ferocious, swarms of infantry slamming into one another, dreadnoughts crashing into tanks, and warlords duelling atop bodies of fallen brothers. Sigismund, 1st Captain of the Imperial Fists, was tasked with holding off a World Eater onslaught. Sigismund and his Templar brethren fought valiantly, slaying traitor after traitor. The endless swarm of World Eaters inductii proved no match for the Templar, slaughtering 120 frenzied Astartes. On the opposite end of the capital, it was Wolf vs Wolf. Warden Domeric Costayne of the Luna Wolves halted the advance of Einvar the Iron Wolf’s Vylka Fenryka. It was the battle that would decide who truly deserved to be named after the wild beast. The Luna Wolves Warden had the advantage of hiring a Questoris Company and tasked them with guarding the flank. However, the band of treasure hunting mercenaries discovered an archeotech vault and betrayed their allies for greed. The Iron Wolf using this opening to his advantage, took the flank with the help of an enraged Contemptor Dreadnought. Even with a weakened flank, Domeric fought on hard and both sides were wittled down to only a handful of Astartes. At the last moment, Einvar was able to make his way to the vault with his honour guard and slay the Questoris Company, acquiring the archeotech for the loyalists.

The Thousand Sons prepare to hold the captured Archeotech at all costs
As the sun was setting on the horizon, the battle that would decide the fate of Hyperborea was drawing near. The Emperors finest marched towards an entrenched Thousand Sons company which held two strategically important STC fragments. It was the Shield Captain Artorius who was tasked with retrieving these artefacts to ensure a Loyalist victory and a Traitor defeat. Who better for a task of utmost importance than a Legio Custodes Shield Captain. Artorius along his journey liberated civilians, hired mercenaries and persuaded wayward imperial officers to join his cause. Similarly, Hathor Matt had his own enslaved minions with the help of Kaltrax.
Shield Captain Artorius and his Custodes prepare to fight to the bitter end against the Thousand Sons
Both forces with their allies met in the city centre for the final battle. Artorius burnt buildings to hide his Custodes movements and with the hope of confusing the enemy. Out of the blazing inferno came towering Custode Dreadnoughts, crashing into the Thousand Sons front lines. The Dreadnoughts ploughed through countless Astartes breaking through their first line of defence, but eventually fell against the sheer number of psychic imbued marines. Next came the custodian guard led by Shield Captain Artorius himself, charging into the Thousand Sons last line of defence, the infamous Sehkmet Terminators. The Thousand Sons commander channelled his powerful psychic abilities to augment the last remaining Sehkmet and held strong against the Custodes. The STC fragments were within reach of the Shield Captain, he could envision his victory, his triumph, the victorious roar of his comrades. However, in this moment of rare hubris, Hathor Matt and his Sehkmet were able to find a weak point in the Custodes shield wall. They struck with immense force and precision, like a spear tip being thread into the part of the neck where the helmet meets the chestplate. The Sehkmet terminators proved too powerful for the Artorius and his custodes, the Shield Captain fell, and Hathor Matt achieved the unthinkable. The Thousand Sons were victorious, dealing a devastating blow to the Loyalist forces, slaying every last Custode on the battlefield and their valiant commander.

With this victory, the Traitors would go on to possess the highest amount of Hyperborea’s artefacts, and the Loyalists broken with the defeat of their Paragons, withdrew from all battlefields.

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