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If this is your first time submitting a battle report, please read the below before creating the report

Campaign Report

Enter the title of your Campaign (Major Event) below, this should be the name of the Event:
Battle for Cambrius Minor

WARNING: This report is not as automated as the Battle or Skirmish reports and is meant to be used for large scale events or long term campaigns, please contact the Admin for assistence


One of the most important elements of the entire campaign (apart from playing the games!!), is to report the results of the games so that they can be added to the ongoing campaign maps. Each region should make sure that there is at least one person who is attending a game who is familiar with the scoring requirements and can record all of the important details to go into creating the Battle Report.

At minimum the report should include: Date of Battle Sub-Sector/System/Planet Iterator Forces Cultist Forces Stakes Results

However it is strongly encouraged that more information be provided to enhance the overall narrative of the campaign. Most sections can be expanded to add to the theatre of the game, below are some examples along with the minimum data for each category. For Scenario Games a single report could be submitted, though lots of smaller reports culminating in the final result may be better fluff reading; for Ongoing Games each individual battle should have a report.

Creating the Report

The creation of the Battle Report itself is quite straight forward and partially automated; by entering the Battle Reports name in the field above and pressing the Create button it will create a new page called whatever you entered the Battle Reports name as, along with a heap of pre-populated information. If this is your first time creating a battle report, it might be best to enter the Battle Report name and then right click on the button and create it in a new page, so that you can refer back to this page as you continue to create the report.

Once created you will see that the report is split into three specific categories;

Battle Summary

The Battle Summary section is an essential element of the report, there are lots of sections throughout the website which rely on information provided in the summary section; news feeds, automated updates, territory calculations etc. Please be careful when entering the data and make sure that each section is entered correctly


This is the date on which the game took place or, in the case of multiple day games, finished.


The 40K Imperial date format differs greatly to the current real date system, it comprises of three numbers representing the segment of the year, three additional number representing the year of the millennium and then the millennium, like this: 455.963M41.
This date will automatically be populated based on the correct date entry above.

Battle Record

This section provides an area for the fluff records to be documented. Try to write a narrative of the battle from an 'in-game' perspective, not one which discusses turns and dice rolls. It is more than acceptable to skew the report in favour of the winning force, the victor writes the history. In fact it may be part of the prizes that someone from the winning team gets to write part or all of the report, allowing them influence it somewhat, however whatever is written should remain within the constraints of the territories and the overall campaign; for example you cant say that because of this victory the Stone Smiths single handedly secured the entire Sector.

Battle Pictures

By default there will be six place holder images already populated here, to replace them with real pictures of the game or other illustrations simply change the file name and extension to that of the image which has been loaded (if you havent uploaded the pics, this can be done latter or now by going here). To add more photos simply copy and paste the lines down, or to remove the pictures, simply delete the lines.


There are three prepopulated Categories in this section, be sure not to change the first one; Battlereport! However change the last two to correspond with the actual Planet and Sub-Sector.

Links and Tag information

Players can see the full list of Tag effects here and there is also a list of code strings to allow them to populate the Campaign Ribbons onto Forums signatures over here.