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Ultima Segmentum


Australis Ultima


Golloch Cluster


Idre System


Gas Giant




Influence Summary
Faction Influence
Unresolved 5
Loyalist 2
Traitor 3


Unavailable 2 Map.jpg



Type Gas Giant

Density 2.25 g/cm3

Composition 40.1% Hydrogen, 39.5% Hellium, 13.6% Oxygen, 6.4% Argon, 0.4% other trace gases


Gravity 1.72 m/s2

Escape Velocity 2.02 km/s

Rotation Period 13.06 hours

Axis Tilt 30.20 °


Type Thin toxic

Pressure 15.68 kPa

Composition 40.1% Hydrogen, 39.5% Hellium, 13.6% Oxygen, 6.4% Argon, 0.4% other trace gases




Dark Age of Technology

No Imperial records exist of colonization prior to Old Night.

Great Crusade

A frozen gas giant, Hestia was discovered by the 217th expeditionary fleet consisting of the IVth and the XXth. Despite being designated as an uninhabitable world, the expeditionary fleet was alerted to signs of civilization located within the atmosphere in the form of readings suggesting heavy metals. The presence of the orbital station suggested a mining colony or energy harnessing outpost, yet no signs of human structure within the atmosphere could be located.

Oddly, it appears as though the fleet spent over 4 months in orbit above Hestia with fleet logs (of which the Alpha Legion appears to have recorded nearly no data, yet the Iron Warriors kept meticulous disposition and logistics data, yet no operational objectives nor results) recording several trips to the atmosphere, as well as, establishment of two monitoring stations built into the polar ice caps. The ice caps have such a low temperature that vast methane sheets of ice provide the only stable "land" on the planet, though catastrophic seismic activity occurred more than once during construction of the outposts, likely caused by mechanicum construction machines.

An additional bizarre phenomenon has arisen whilst reviewing the fleet logs. Hestia is home to a permanent ice storm in its upper hemisphere, approximately the size of Terra herself. The planet is prone to many deadly razor-hail storms and countless gas giants have permanent or semi-permanent storms in their atmospheres. The IVth fleet logs record 13 separate trips into the storm by Alpha Legion atmospheric craft, such as various stormbird and thunderhawks chassis. The details of these excursions were not shared with the Iron Warriors command cadre. One such voyage involved 2 Mechanicum craft with recorded designations. These craft are listed as lost due to "unavoidable climatic disaster" in Alpha Legion logs, despite Iron Warrior logs confirming their return to orbit following the classified operation.

14 Terrain days later, the 217th Expeditionary Fleet left Hestian orbit and departed from the Golloch Cluster to continue the Crusade.

Horus Heresy

During the Second Golloch War interest in Hestia, was secondary at best. The planet offered no apparent supplies, nor a location from which to launch attacks. It wasn't until the invasion of SEC Idre Anchorage 7, that interest in Hestia began to peak. Abnormal readings suggesting a few stations within the atmosphere have prompted several legions to send landing parties to investigate.

Mystery of Hestia

Battle Summary

Two rival forces land infiltration parties on the large research station hidden within the permanent storm on Hestia. As intermittent combats break out, both forces are trying to capture data banks providing the locations of deeper stations down on the polar cores, as well as, the stations dark purpose.

How Do I Take Part?

To take part in this campaign all you need to do is play one or more games of Warhammer 30k; Horus Heresy, and lodge a skirmish report on this site. You'll want to create an account too so you can track your victories and defeats in the campaign, as well as publish background for your army and Warlord!

Once this phase of the campaign starts you can lodge Skirmish Reports for your games here: http://aus30k.com/30kwiki/index.php?title=Skirmish_Report

Suggested Games

Forces of 1000 to 1250 should ideally be used for this mission.

The standard combatant force organization chart for Zone Mortalis is utilized for this mission, with the key exception that flyers with the hover rule and flying monstrous creatures are allowed to be taken.

Further details can be found here: The Second Golloch War~Mystery of Hestia