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Interested in joining the wars raging across the Australis Ultima Sector?

The first step is to have an account created, simply go to this page and complete the questions and one of our Admins will be in touch as quickly as possible to approve your account; after that you will be ready to create your first Army Profile. This will give the army a unique Army ID which can be used to log results from events; anything from casual games in the garage all the way through to large scale events. In addition the Army Profile will automatically link all of the Battle Reports, Campaign Reports and give a summary of all of the opponents you have faced and how you have fared against them. Lastly, if you want, you can even customise your Army Profile page, adding fluff about your army, attaching pictures, providing links to new pages and creating and entire story!

Once you and your friends have your Army ID's you are ready to start submitting reports based on the games you play. A Skirmish Report is the most basic form of reporting, quite literally a Player A defeated Player B (using your Army ID's) post which is used to calculate your Armies Summary of Opponents section. If you prefer to write a few things about the battle or would like to attach photos then the Battle Report allows you go that extra step, letting you link the game results to a planet influencing its ownership (either Traitor or Loyalist!), attaching a date to the battle, allowing a fluff write up, pics, links and more; and automatically linking it to all of the players involved! Both of these Reports will count Influence towards the current Global Heresy targets, the Battle Report more so as it adds fluff and a cotinuance of the story line.

Once you have settled in a little take a quick look at the How the Sub-Sectors and Systems work article to understand how the overall website works.and, if you choose to, you browse the current Sub-Sectors and setup a Local System for your local group to play and record their battles in rather than just the Worldwide Invasion. If you are part of an active club which runs a large annual event or are planning a campaign of sorts, then the Campaign Report will allow you to add even more depth to your report, giving you the ability to add Campaign Honours to the players involved an is generally intended for large scale events or activities, as these conflicts determine the fate of entire worlds!

No matter which level you decide to get involved at you are free to start adding your own pages to help create background stories about the planets you are fighting over, stories about the armies involved and even entire campaign write ups. The website is here to help cater for players to create an online story of their games in a way so that it is linked to the greater community. If your group of friends play on a regular basis, create a new System of planets to war across, see which faction can seize control of the System first.

We encourage people to write interesting reports with lots of pictures and would love for players to start submitting their own artwork whether it is photos of their armies or sketches of the 30K universe. There are tools to allow you to post the results of results of games and events, plus we are open to suggestion for improvements and modifications to the website.

To get in contact with an admin simply drop a message to admin at and leave a message!