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The Sons of Stheno
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Legio X

Legio Name:

The Iron Hands Legion




The Sons of Stheno





Skirmish Summary
L-X-0003 fought
Combatants Won Lost Draw
A-MECH-3566 1 1 0



In the wake of confusion and the shattering of the Loyalist legions following the Dropsite Massacre on Istvaan V, thousands of the surviving legionaries on hundreds of vessels sought to flee the fires of trechery and rebuild what they could to strike back at the traitors. One such group, consisting mostly of legionaries from the 10th but also small elements from the 18th and 19th Legions, managed to escape the deadly planetfall and evade the guns of the traitor blockade to finally retreat into the relative safety of the void. This band of survivors would spend the next few months licking their wounds aboard the Battle Cruiser Stheno before managing to merge with the fleets of the infamous Iron Father Autek Mors. This cohort, lead by the decorated Terran-born captain Aristides Kairos of Clan Avernii, would later become a vital part of Mors unrelenting crusade for revenge against the treacherous forces of Horus. The warriors under captain Aristides quickly gained a reputation for swift and unrelenting brutality, preferring the tactics favored by the legion in the early days of the great crusade. The warband, now made up of members from a number of different clan and even members of other legions, decided to take their collective name after the vessel that had saved so many of their lives and allowed them to fight on, The Sons of Stheno.

Notable Members

Praetor Aristides Kairos - Terran-born member of the Iron Hands 312th clan company, veteran of many hundreds of battles and survivor of the dropsite massacre. He is the undisputed leader of the warband known as The Sons of Stheno.

Vigilator Caleb Drust - Terran-born member of the Iron Hands 312th clan company. One of Kairos most trusted advisors.

Notable Campaigns

The War on Thungur Metallikos - Small scale engagements with traitor elements of Mechanicum.

The Second Golloch War - The Death of Paters World.

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