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Clan Kaargul, 2nd Order "Armoured Fury"
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Legio X

Legio Name:

The Iron Hands Legion




Clan Kaargul





Skirmish Summary
L-X-2527 fought
Combatants Won Lost Draw
L-I-4114 2 0 0
L-III-0640 0 0 1
L-VII-3352 1 0 0
A-MECH-0063 0 1 0
L-III-2268 1 0 0



The Armoured Fury order of the Kaargul Clan


Iron Father Isathigg Mederian

Combat Reports for L-X-2527


Northern Front - Battle of Eglurn System
Northern Front Ribbon.png 003.009.M31 System Wide Unresolved

The Eglurn System is on the outer reaches of the Cambrius Sub-Sector. Like most the systems within ..→

The Second Golloch War
Golloch Ribbon.jpg 088.009.M31 System Wide Unresolved

Prelude to War

The Golloch Cluster is a nebulous region of space containing thousands of ..→


Battle Name Date Planet Battle Outcome Battle Summary
Northern Front - Battle of Eglurn System~1487240288 121.009.M31 Vosculia Loyalist
The Second Golloch War~Assault on Star Port EN-BE551N 164.009.M31 Gaul Draw

March - Geno Five Two

At the onset of the Heresy the Techno-archivists took full advantage of the emerging civil war. Delegations from Mechanicum agents loyal to the Warmaster had been ..→

The Second Golloch War~The Death of Paterswold 088.009.M31 Paters World Loyalist

February - Eye of Horus

Horus' great betrayal hit the rulers of Paterswold simultaneously with the news that a group of twenty industrialised worlds in the cluster's galactic north had sworn ..→

The Second Golloch War~The Taking of Sevastopol Station 249.009.M31 Sevastopol Station Traitor

April - Covenant of Fire

Sevastopol Station is the collective name for a system of docking stations, defense platforms, and weapon batteries defending Mandeville point TK-421, better known as ..→

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