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Storm-Walkers 10th Legion Iron-Hands
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Legio X

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The Iron Hands Legion









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L-X-9312 fought
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Hailing from the planet Vaan, the Storm-Walkers were founded after the Frystaenda (the beginning of the end, the final battle on Vaan) after the purging of the invading Dark Eldar.

Heralded as the Aettjarn (or the coming of iron) by the local populace, the beginning of the Age of Reclamation began with Explorator Fleet Gamma Secundus 28974 and its attaché of warriors from the Xth legion arriving amid receiving a distress signal from the local populace of Vaan. After the purging of Vaans invaders (Dark Eldar raiders) the world was brought to compliance with the treaty of the Triad being formed.

The Treaty of the Triad outlined the conditions of compliance inwhich;

The Technocracy of Vaan would supplement the Iron-Hands 10th Legion Chapter with their own warriors, selected from the best 'Aspirants' from the annual inter-clan tournament - to undergo gene-seed enhancement

Explorator Fleet Gamma Secundus 28974 would take residence on the nearby moon of Ettinjaer, they would then receive a tithe of workers from the Technocracy of Vaan but would in return offer protection and provide technological advancements

The Iron-Hands 10th Legion would offer protection to Vaan and its surrounding planets/moons

The Vanagandyr would remain a household of Vaan, it would offer fealty to the Triad of Iron and in return would receive aspirants from the 9th yearly Grand-Melee. House Vanagandyr would also march alongside the Storm-Walkers (Vaan founded) Iron-Hands Legionnaires whenever called upon to do so.

The Storm-Walkers are so named as a throwback to the 10th Legions previous Cognomen, a nickname of sorts which struck a chord with its Vaanite inductees due to the cultural significance of the river Vaan from which the planet is named. Water is deemed as sacred and purifying, able to take many a form and as such is inline with the Vaanite way of war, for they are defined by their adaptive skills compared to their brothers of the Iron 10th whom follow such a strict ethos that can sometimes be their downfall.

Notable warriors;

Sargeant Centaurious of the 1st Vaanite, a stalwart legionnaire of the 10th legion, Iron Hands was part of the first to receive acceptance into the ranks of the IronHands legion Frystaenda during the Vaanite reclamation wars. Hailing from one of the most ancient of the Technocracies many clanholds, Centaurious first came to reknown when he entered into the ritual games and triumphed amongst all other competitors. His fame from then on only grew as he quickly became a rallying point for the warriors of Vaan against the Dark Eldar raiders.

Since his inception into the IronHands, Centaurious has led is cadre of warriors into many battles, most notable was during the Baylonian Insurrection in which he stalwartly stood against the traitors, accepting any and all challenges. During the Insurrection, Centaurious has retired from the field once since his inception, hence the bionic leg upgrades implanted to return this warrior to the field once more.

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