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16th Destroyer Corps

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Unknown Legionnaire - Pict-capture xEpsilon-xx-9

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Legio XIV

Legio Name:

The Death Guard Legion




Lords of Poison





Skirmish Summary
L-XIV-0458 fought
Combatants Won Lost Draw



A unit known to be associated the world-killer ship Eschaton, believed to be resupplying in the Fuschal System at the time of the Liberation attempt. Loyalist Mechanicum units initially encountered the Lords of Poison in the Outer Shoals, where it is believed they were attempting to source radiological poisons from abandoned pre-Imperial fission reactors in the Kuiper Belts.

Military projections suggested they would also be collecting biotoxins from the Death World of Empusa, and plans were altered according.

Combat Reports for L-XIV-0458


The Liberation of Fuschal
Fuschal Ribbon.png

Prelude to War

When compared to the scale of the civil war, or even to the chaos rolling ..→


Battle Name Date Planet Battle Outcome Battle Summary
Isstvan III ~ Revenge Served Cold

Another wave of bombardment rolled across the ruins of the Choral City. Deep underground, so deep in the catacombs that the cold dripped like icewater from the nitre-encrusted walls, the survivors ..→

The Liberation of Fuschal~1519469793

+++ Secure vox encrypt protocol highest PRIMO Urgency +++

+++ LZ Sable to strike cruiser Petra Perfecto +++

  • Lz Sable secure , AoF need to reorg request to Impaler , send the Redemption ..→
The Liberation of Fuschal~Phase 1

The initial skirmishes of the Liberation all took place in the Kuiper Belt of the Fuschal System, among the myriad icy planetisimals and asteroids of the Outer Shoals. Some of those encounters were ..→

The Liberation of Fuschal~Phase 2

The initial stages of the Liberation were an almost complete success, exceeding the most generous predictions of the attached Logi-Prognosticator of the fleet. With the Interdiction ships and covert ..→

The Liberation of Fuschal~Phase 3

The attack on the traitors in orbit around Yuglenia was a mixed success for the liberation fleet. While it is true the world-killer Eschaton was reduced to a burnt-out hulk, a significant ..→