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5th Grand Company / 73rd Chapter
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Legio XIV

Legio Name:

The Death Guard Legion








Skirmish Summary
L-XIV-4056 fought
Combatants Won Lost Draw
Xenos 1 0 0



The terrible attack on Isstavan III has left the commanding Captain Luthor Krieg, 73rd Chapter 5th Grand Company of the glorious XIV Legion, speechless. His forces were not dispatched to the planets surface, since he had to overview the Rearguard operation of the Sturmbringer, a Secutor-class monitor cruiser on with his chapter was stationed. With the support of his senior officersand the fleeing of the Eisenstein a plan to leave Warmaster and there Primach was formed. After the fleet moved on to Isstavan V, the Sturmbringer did fall even father behind the main flottila of the Expedition Fleet and Luthor ordered a Warpjump out of the system. His orders were not so well meet than Captain Garro by most of his chapter and his loyal Deathguard had to fight there way to control of the cruiser. After the last traitors to the Emperor were exterminated the Sturmbringer left warp and found the war over the empire raging in full force. There transit seemed to have lasted longer than expected, the warp anomalies and storms which were raging over the last months did there work and there was no more need to tell the loyalist forces of the treachery, they came to late.

The 73th Chapter since then ploughed through the systems of the Australis Ultima Sector to support the Imperium forces against there former brothers in arms. Since the loyalists dont build up trust easy with the Death Guard of the 73rd Chapter

Combat Reports for L-XIV-4056


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