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131st Company "The Kingslayers"
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Legio XVI

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The Sons of Horus Legion




131st Company "The Kingslayers"





Skirmish Summary
L-XVI-3752 fought
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131st Company, Sons of Horus “The Kingslayers”

Legion: XVIth Sons of Horus Name: 131st Company Nickname: The Kingslayers Specialism: Orbital Assaults Planet of recruitment: Originally Terra, later Cthonia Expedition Fleet: 195th Preator:


“The war-mail shone, hard with hand-forged links… the iron-clad troop was well equipped with weapons.” - Beowulf

The origins of the 131st Company lay soon after the pacification of Luna when the conquest of the Sol System was already underway. At this time of the Imperiums expansion, it was clear that the Astartes Legions needed to be increased in size in order to secure a fast conquest of the system and beyond.

It was decided by the XVIth Legion command that they needed a rapid response company, small in size but intended to plug any gaps in the legions lines during fighting. Unusually, the XVIth Legion chose to recruit the core of this company not from the usual area but from the Saxonicii culture of the Brythonic Isles in old Europa. Traditionally, this was an area of the recruitment for the XIVth Legion but clearly some negotiations took place in order for the XVIth to recruit here. These close ties with the XIVth would later come back for the 131st Company.

The Saxonicii culture was a warlike one who had quickly capitulated to the Emperor during the Unification Wars. They prized themselves on creating strong warbands of warriors who were fiercely loyal to their warleaders; indeed their greatest honour was a glorious death in battle protecting the fallen body of their leaders. In battle they were savage fighters who showed no mercy to their foes. A habit of attacking opposing enemy leaders and champions clearly showed the XVIth Legion recruiters that these would be idea members of the growing legion.

Initially, the 131st Company was small consisting of four half strength tactical squads, one tactical support squad and one heavy support squad as well as a company command squad. All of these were mounted in Rhino transports in order for the company to respond rapidly to any threats.

First Campaigns and growing development

"They have sown the wind; now let them reap the whirlwind" - "Bomber" Harris, 1942 AD

After the initial training period was complete, Legion Command included a smattering of more veteran troops to form a new tactical squads in order to give some experience and a strong core to form the rest of the company.

To begin with the company did not take part in many actions, being kept in reserve and only deployed when resistance was already broken. This did lead to the 131st acting in an aggressive manner when they were finally released; more aggressive in fact than Legion Command anticipated. In keeping with the Saxonicii culture, when they were unleashed upon a foe, the 131st were savage and tore the throat from their opponents time and time again adding to the legions growing nomclenture of “Luna Wolves”. The company also began to chafe at so often being kept in reserve and Company Command begin to appeal to the Legion Command to be given a greater role.

As the Imperial forces spread beyond the Sol System it was clear that the Astartes forces needed a quicker, more rapid form of deployment planet-side. The existing Stormbirds, although strong, gave the enemy too long to react; the Astartes needed something faster. It was around this time that the Dreadclaw orbital delivery vehicle was created.

Legion Command decided to retrain the 131st as an Orbital Assault force using these new vehicles. The smaller squad sizes and small company size meant they were ideal to form a new “Speartip” tactic that the Legion was rapidly developing. Designed to tear out strategic targets such as command centres, power centres, communication nodes and so forth the 131st rapidly took to the new style of warfare.

It was also around this time that some of the tactical squads began to equip themselves with additional close combat weapons. These so-called Despoiler squads prided themselves on throwing themselves at the most dangerous and skilled opponents and casting them down.

With the conquest of the systems around Sol, the Imperium spread and it was with great joy that the Luna Wolves were the first legion to rediscover their Primarch upon Cthonia. With this discovery came a massive expansion of the XVIth, although the 131st did still primarily recruit from the Saxonicii Enclave on Terra. New Terran recruits added another Despoiler squad as well as another heavy support squad as it had been found that the 131st struggled against more armoured targets after the initial Speartip assault.

Fame and fortune

"Let us sit and speak of the death of Kings." -Shakespeare, Richard II

With their Primarch leading the way, the XVIth Legion forged at the head of the Great Crusade, claiming system after system, world after world in the name of the Emperor. Being the first Primarch discovered, Horus had made several allies with other Imperial forces such as the Mechanicum and army. This led to Horus being able to secure the most up to date equipment for his legion and the 131st were amongst the worthy recipients.

The Dreadclaw, although versatile, had drawbacks which led to the development of the Drop Pod system. The 131st already trained in Orbital Assaults were amongst the first to receive these weapons and fed back useful information on their usage. The biggest criticism was the size of the payload - only being a half tactical squad. With the Mechanicum`s aid, the larger Kharbhydis was developed that enabled whole tactical squads to be deployed. Alongside this, the Stormbird was also scaled down to create the Storm Eagle and this enabled the 131st to fully develop the core of the tactical and despoiler squads into full size units. Alongside these were gifted several suits of the new Tactical Dreadnaught (Cataphractii pattern) Armour. One of the more experienced squads took to these and the necessary teleportation devices were added to the companies vessel.

The 131st had now almost fully developed as an experienced and capable Orbital Assault company but it was in the Merkhian system that they were to fully enter Horus` attention.

The Merkhian system was a small system of 11 planets of which only two were habitable. One of these plants named Bostinall was ruled by a government led by an autocrat. As the 63rd Expedition Fleet approached to spread the Imperial Truth, they were fired upon without provocation. Several ships of the fleet were damaged and two were destroyed however, Horus still sued for peace. After several days of discussion it was clear that the Bostanall autocrat would not accept the word of the Emperor.

Horus declared a Speartip. The 131st were one of the companies selected from the many that were available along with the 85th, 277th and the 513th. Each was designated a clear target: the 131st were granted the honour of striking the seat of government.

At the given time with Oaths of Moment fluttering on their armour, the Luna Wolves dropped from orbit. The 131st`s drop pod, Dreadclaws, Kharbhydis and Storm Eagles landed with precision in the halls of government whilst the terminators teleported directly into the throne room. With clear Astartes precision and no mercy at all, the 131st slew all the leaders of the Bostanii planet in a matter of minutes; the government guards over-awed, over-powered and terrified by the gene-enhanced warriors.

Upon hearing the news, Horus nicknamed the 131st "The Kingslayers" for striking down such a ruler so efficiently. He also gifted Captain Aeldhred, the captain of the 131st, a blade named ""Hyldap" forged from Cthonian steel.

Following on from the Merkhian campaign, the Luna Wolves together with other legions left for Ullanor.

The Ullanor Campaign was to be a baptism of fire for not just the 131st but the Legion as a whole; none were to emerge unscathed.

Key Personnel

Centurion Cynemær (Famed Royal) Originally a recruit from Cthonia, Cynemær was responsible for introducing several new Cthonian units in the form of the Seekers and Destroyers into the 131st Company. A violent individual who has shown a lot of bravery particularly during the Krhoesis Campaign where together with Squad Onhigian he charged and destroyed a key enemy position. Cynemær is ambitious but he is fanatically loyal to Captain Æsc and the 131st. A Lodge member.


  • Despoiler Squad Onhigian (To Despoil)

A Terran unit with some Cthonian recruits that has adopted the Warmasters` Despoiler tactics. Squad Onhigian are often deployed by Kharbydis Assault Claw once a weak spot in the enemies lines have been discovered. Using saturation fire tactics followed up a vicious assault, Sqaud Onhigian are a clear favourite of Centurion Cynemær who often joins them on the battlefield. One of the main line units of the 131st. Contains some Lodge members.

  • Despoiler squad
  • Tactical Squad Hæst (Fury, Violence)

The Primarch of the Sons of Horus claimed that there was nothing that could not be achieved by a tactical squad and Squad Hæst emphasis this point. They are often inserted by Storm Eagle Assault Gunship into an area of the thickest fighting. They are dependable fighters and focus on targeted shooting over assaults however, being Sons of Horus, they do not shy away from such combat. Another Terran unit recruited from the Saxonicii enclave. Contains some Lodge members.

  • Veteran Squad Ealdfeond (Old Foe)

Another full Terran unit within the company recruited at its founding. Unlike Squad Eadburga, Squad Ealdfeond specialise in lightning assaults from landing craft or wide sweeping manoeuvres. Often deployed by Dreadclaw. These Astartes have several decades of experience and lend their support on the battlefield to where it is needed the most, focusing on a fluid fighting style that does not pin them in place for too long. They are the eptiome of the Warmasters` Wolves. None of its members belongs to the Lodges.

  • Assault Squad Getæl (Swift, Having Mastery)

Recruited mainly from Terra together with some recent recuits from Cthonia, Squad Getæl date from when the 131st first undertook its training for Orbital Assault missions. Often deploying from Stormbird dropships high above the battlefield, Squad Getæl often focus on key objectives such as super heavy vehicles or key enemy positions. Often high casualties are a risk they face in the completion of their missions and they suffer one of the highest unit recruitments in the 131st. Several Lodge members form part of the unit.

  • Tactical Support squad
  • Terminator Squad Eadburga (Wealthy Fortress)

A full Terran unit from the original founding of the company. Whilst acting as a veteran tactical unit, they displayed a tendency for attacking key battlefield targets; enemy champions, warleaders, witches and so forth. Before the Merkhian Campaign they were issued with the new Terminator Plate and were a key strikeforce; slaying the "Merkhian King" together with his bodyguard. Often used as the Point of the Spear in Orbital Assaults. Some of its members have recently become part of the Lodges.

  • Destroyer squad
  • Seeker squad
  • Heavy Support Squad Ofweorpan (To Kill with a missile)

A Terran unit from the Saxonicii enclave that has members as part of the Lodges. The first heavy support squad from the founding of the company. It is noticeable that Sergeant Leofrikh only allows Terran recruits to replace any casualties. Often deployed in a second wave via drop pod to focus fire on key targets providing a threat to the first wave with priority being vehicular targets. Squad Ofweorpan won fame during the Ullanor Campaign by destroying an entire mob of heavily armoured Nobz before they could make contact with Squad Getæl who were targeting a Big Mek and his entourage.

  • Heavy Support Squad Wierp (Cast, Throw)

Recruited with a mix of Terran and Cthonian recruits just before the Merkhian campaign, Squad Wierp proved its worth during the first wave when it was deployed by drop pod and destroyed several light vehicles that threatened to outflank the initial drop forces. Together with Tactical Support Squad Feorstudu, Squad Wierp is often used for suppressive fire to allow the larger tactical units and Speartip forces to fully engage the enemy. Unusually for units with Cthonian recruits, none of its members belong to the Lodges.

  • Rapier Weapons Battery

Only deployed when the 131st has made the initial Speartip assault, the rapiers of the company provide much needed Anti-Tank support for a light drop company.

  • Breacher Squad

Combat Reports for L-XVI-3752


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