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Task Force Delta Omicron "Shadows of Lerna"
Legion XX Task Force Delta Omicron.png


Legio XX

Legio Name:

The Alpha Legion




Shadows of Lerna




User:Legio Omegon

Skirmish Summary
L-XX-5375 fought
Combatants Won Lost Draw
L-IX-0000 1 0 0



Masters of infiltration and subversion, the Shadows of Lerna do not take to the field of battle unless their victory is already assured. Small in number and eschewing the use of heavy vehicles, the members of Task Force Delta Omicron often go unseen by their enemies, infiltrating their ranks and insinuating themselves into vital positions. Before the foe is even aware of their presence, supply lines are disrupted, fortifications deteriorate before their time, and spiritual and motivational leaders are found dead in ways which would suggest a suicide. By the time the enemy has figured out that they have been infiltrated, it is often too late. Entire armies fall apart at the seams. The foe segments, at best merely distancing themselves from the central command, but at worst, falling tooth and nail on their comrades over petty disagreements, sparking a deadly spiral of brother-on-brother conflicts which end in a demoralized and decimated force. All that remains is for the Shadows of Lerna to step in and put a stop to the foe's final death throes, in a manner more reminiscent of a hapless beast being put out of it's misery, than a genuine battle.

If a particularly wily enemy discovers the operation before it's true fruition, or a belligerent commander maintains a semblance of order despite the chaos, then open battle may become unavoidable. In this situation, the Shadows increase their disruptive activities tenfold, setting traps and sabotaging vehicles, even as the enemy attempt to track down the source of the parasite. The Shadows often allow the enemy to discover what would appear to be their main base of operations. This allows the Shadows to set their final trap; and there will be no escape.

Battle Tactics

As an enemy force advances on the Shadows' position, the first thing it loses are it's scouts. Some are simply misled or ambushed; others reveal their true colours and disappear into carefully prepared tunnels and foxholes, seamlessly assimilating back into the Task Force and preparing to fight their ex-comrades. Before the enemy has a chance to realise that it is marching blind, the legion strikes.

Squads of bolter-armed marines silently coalesce out of the shadows, emerging from hidden places and devastating the enemy with co-ordinated volleys of point-blank weapon-fire. Any vehicles or heavy armour that has survived the journey are quickly melted to slag by dedicated squads of melta gun-armed marines. In most cases the battle is won in these first few minutes, as the long, exhausting campaign and the brutal first strike completely demoralize the enemy, but if an enemy still holds, then the Task Force's shock troops are sent in, invariably led by one of the Shadows of Lerna's commanders. The exact nature of the shock troops varies, as the members of the Task Force's upper echelons, collectively known as the Phantom Epsilon , have their own distinct tastes. However, they are all designed to do the same thing: find the toughest pocket of resistance and dismantle it with such brutality and violence as to break the remaining foe once and for all.

Phantom Epsilon

The command of Task Force Delta Omicron is not entrusted to a single individual, but rather to a team of talented individuals known as Phantom Epsilon. They are known only by codenames, and although they have a tendency to fight bare-headed, there appearances are so alike that they cannot be easily distinguished. Their exact numbers are unknown, but there are 4 who have been recorded as participating at the forefront of battles time and time again. In the records of these battles, their designators are occasionally found in the list of the wounded, but they always noted to have made a full recovery before the next engagement, despite having sometimes hideously grave wounds.

The known members of Phantom Epsilon are as follows:

++HARBINGER++ Bladesman, The Decapitating Blow- Favours the jet pack and a massive greatsword that burns with the fury of a volcano. Often leads the Shadows' strike force.

++TENEBROUS++ Stalker, Master of the Hunt - Ensures the foe is blinded at the most opportune moments

++PENANCE++ Sniper, Divine Intervention - Can end resistance with a single bullet

++TRUTH++ Warrior-priest, The Unbound One - wields great and unnatural power far beyond even an astartes' capabilities

Combat Reports for L-XX-5375


Imperial Search....No Result


Battle Name Date Planet Battle Outcome Battle Summary
First Contact 603.007.M31 Kug'Arkal Traitor

As The Shadows of Lerna begin to machinate the downfall of the Loyalist lords of Kug'Arkal, a small garrison of Blood Angels continue their patrols along the edge of the mineshaft designated ..→

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