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Jack Tekiela's Blackshields
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Jack Tekiela's Blackshields

Baylonian Insurrection Ribbon.png



Legio Name:

Blackshield Company








Skirmish Summary
L-XXXX-0032 fought
Combatants Won Lost Draw
I-ARMY-4927 1 0 0
L-XIX-1989 0 1 0
Q-KNT-2151 0 1 0
L-I-1179 0 1 0
L-VII-2213 1 0 0
L-XVI-8931 1 0 0
L-XX-5126 0 1 0
L-XIII-5386 0 1 0
L-XIX-1024 0 2 1



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Combat Reports for L-XXXX-0032


Baylonian Insurrection
Baylonian Insurrection Ribbon.png 139.008.M31 System Wide Traitor Victory


Even before the shocking actions of Istvaan filtered through to the Australis Ultima ..→


Battle Name Date Planet Battle Outcome Battle Summary
Baylonian Insurrection~Act 6 388.008.M31 System Wide Loyalist

With both forces reaching a certain level of impasse the Campaign entered a new stage of attrition; both factions launching harassing assaults against each others strongholds in an attempt to break ..→

Baylonian Insurrection~Act 7 464.008.M31 System Wide Traitor

Whether it was the failed attempt to cripple each others ships or a planned change of tactics, the Traitors were no longer willing to play the same game. Entering a new phase of the Campaign the ..→

Baylonian Insurrection~Act 8 541.008.M31 System Wide Unresolved

With the act of rebellion the Baylonian Synod brought the wrath of not only the Loyalists but the Traitors as well. Their intention to reclaim their lost empire and stand apart from the warring ..→

Baylonian Insurrection~Zone Mortalis Operation 12 388.008.M31 Dur-Kazit Loyalist

A rescue operation to recover the Salamanders Primarch, Vulcan.

Baylonian Insurrection~Zone Mortalis Operation 15 388.008.M31 Oteal Zone Mortalis Unresolved

A Hit & Run zone mortalis strike mission against a Traitor Cruiser.

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