Phase 1 Battle Reports

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Welcome to the Battle Report archive for Phase 1 of the Global Heresy!

These reports also include any Local System Battle Reports and Campaigns which are created during this time frame as well and are also included in the voting for the prize giveaway. The below list will, hopefully, grow steadily through the coming weeks and months, please try your best to access and read as many as you can, some of them are quite excellent and very entertaining reads. If you enjoyed reading one, viewing the pictures or any other aspects of the report, please be sure to give it your vote; while you can vote for as many reports as you like, please dont vote for every report regardless of like or not, it might make it a little hard for the judges to see a clear winner.

Battle Reports

Battle Name Date Planet Battle Outcome Battle Summary
Adrianus Heights Engagement 923.006.M31 Cambrius Loyalist

The Salamanders received a distress signal from a medicae facility located at Adrianus Heights, high in the mountains amongst the snow and glaciers of the Cambrius' highest mountains. Adrianus ..→

Assault on Mardrion 082.007.M31 Mardrion Traitor


[DATA CORRUPTION] ...We landed on the planet's ..→

Battle for Desert Outpost 3 827.006.M31 Cambrius Loyalist

A battle broke out as the Salamanders sought to secure a rare STC that was rumoured to have been discovered at the Outpost, but on arrival found that the rumour had also reached less wholesome ears. ..→

Battle for Idranos 890.006.M31 Cambrius Traitor

Idranos was the home of an ancient Mechanicum facility, featuring a powerful distress beacon. The Iron Hands of Captain Daniel Sharrayk knew that the forces of the Warmaster would come, and prepared ..→

Battle of Tertius Hive 759.006.M31 Cambrius Traitor

Death Guard and Emperors Children where ambushed by Ultramarine Strike force and remnants of Iron Hands Legion. Iron Hands flanking manouver was delayed due to unspecified enviromental factors ..→

Hunting the Warboss 312.007.M31 Oligos Loyalist

The Situation

Now having a secure landing zone on Oligos, the elements of the XXI Company under the Company Herald call in further reinforcements to the system. Repairing the damage done in ..→

Imperial Fists Fortress Overrun 893.006.M31 Cambrius Traitor

Attempting to reinforce the Loyalists position on the rapidly escalating war engulfing Cambrius, an Imperial Fists contingent commandeer one of the planetary fortresses. With only their initial ..→

Inferno Campaign~Battle at Autur 047.007.M31 Inferno Unresolved


--047.007.M31 - Planet: Inferno-- --Campaign Phase: ..→

Inferno Campaign~Phosphex Reserve Incursion 334.007.M31 Inferno Unresolved

The Warmaster was not pleased with the progress of the Inferno Campaign. The Loyalists had established a strong foothold on the planet and were rapidly gaining momentum, with multiple key facilities ..→

Kaloran Krusade~Alpha Legion vs Madreamer's Orks 277.007.M31 Kaloran Traitor
Kaloran Krusade~Death Guard Detachment vs Stompa's Orks 277.007.M31 Kaloran Orks
Kaloran Krusade~Emperor's Children vs Har Ganeth's Orks 277.007.M31 Kaloran Draw
Kaloran Krusade~Epic Legions vs Urlakk's Waagh 277.007.M31 Kaloran Loyalist
Kaloran Krusade~Luna Wolves vs Urlakk's Orks 277.007.M31 Kaloran Loyalist
Kaloran Krusade~Mortarion's Death Guard vs Kakkola's Orks 277.007.M31 Kaloran Traitor
Kaloran Krusade~Space Wolves vs Squiggoth's Orks 277.007.M31 Kaloran Orks
Kaloran Krusade~World Easters vs Gretchin 277.007.M31 Kaloran Traitor
Savage Campaign~Operation Four 299.007.M31 Savage Traitor

Struggling to reel in the continued advances of the Traitors forces, the Loyalist command finally acknowledged that they may be significantly at risk of losing control of the city without Imperial ..→

Savage Campaign~Operation One 162.007.M31 Savage Draw

The preliminary invasion of the capital of Savage Reach began with three pinpoint orbital insertion assaults by the Traitors forces after gaining access to Savage orbit when the defending, ..→

Savage Campaign~Operation Three 296.007.M31 Savage Traitor

With the Loyalists forces on the back foot from the initial offensive the Traitors ground units continued a war of harassment as they maneuvered reinforcements into position for the next round of ..→

Savage Campaign~Operation Two 164.007.M31 Savage Traitor

Before any counter attack could be considered by the Loyalist forces the second wave of the Traitors invasion force made planet fall, this time at targets which were anticipated as strategically ..→

Talasa Prime I 236.007.M31 Kaloran Draw

Following the Drop Site Massacre at Isstvan V, a small force of Iron Hands managed to capture a trading ship and escaped the planet. With a good deal of stealth and cunning, they evaded the ..→

Talasa Prime II 244.007.M31 Kaloran Loyalist

What began as a small initial engagement, quickly escalated into a significant firefight between the Iron Hands and World Eaters on Talasa Prime. This was primarily brought about by the eagerness of ..→

Talasa Prime III 249.007.M31 Kaloran Loyalist

Following the previous engagement, both sides were keen to draw the campaign on Talasa Prime to a swift conclusion. The Iron Hands simply did not have the resources to execute an extended campaign, ..→

The 21st Makes Planetfall 277.007.M31 Oligos Loyalist

Caught out in the far reaches of the Ultima Segmentum and tipped off about the Heresy due to traitorous elements in their midst the 954th Expeditionary force requires resupply to continue their ..→

The Fall of Virtus Prime 258.007.M31 Antroth Traitor


[DATA CORRUPTION] we had been fighting ..→

The Siege of Iulia Augusta 334.007.M31 Antroth Traitor


Campaign Reports

Breaking of Centrumeh Gate
Breaking Ribbon.jpg 003.009.M31 System Wide Traitor

Prelude to War

While a number of Houses and at least one Company are known to have ..→

Scorpious Insurrection
Scorpious Insurrection Ribbon.jpg 499.009.M31 System Wide Unresolved