SEC Idre Anchorage 7~Fear The Reaper

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SEC Idre Anchorage 7.jpg

Battle Details

Type: Battle
Date: 559.009.M31
Sub-Sector:Golloch Cluster
System: Idre
Planet: SEC Idre Anchorage 7
Victor: Traitor
Influence: 5


Loyalists Involved In The Conflict



Traitors Involved In The Conflict


Battle Summary

Weeks before the XIVth Legio ever arrived on the Anchorage, Master Apothecary Sebb de la Quess of Unit 137 had seen an opportunity to prove the worth of his biowarfare research. The Anchorage would be an ideal testbed for pathogens collected on the death worlds Khystym and St Loscam's Hope. With the human and servitors on the inhabited decks killed or disabled, or quarantining themselves away from possible infection, the data-vaults of the upper decks would be left undefended.

It is entirely possible that this plan would have worked - certainly, epidemic disease is a constant danger in crowded hives and orbitals. And Unit 137's purpose was to find and weaponise the worst of such plagues and distempers.

The plan failed, and miserably. While Death Guard breacher squads entered the station without difficulty, every attempt to press their advantage collapsed in disarray. Rigging the boarding zones with death traps backfired when Imperial Fists arrived hours earlier than predicted. Squads escorting vital personnel and equipment were cut off by Imperial Fists, exterminated by the station's own combat servitors, and delayed by the suspected Alpha Legion blackshields that come to be known as the Disruptors, or the Golloch Ghosts, and later yet as de la Quess' Damnation.

It is little surprise that Mortarion himself was forced to intervene.

By this point the Death Guard had been so delayed, on every front, that the boarding parties were obliged to attack multiple objectives simultaneously. The bulk of Death Guard forces converged on the service confluence in Section Beta-Null, to seize control of roaming data-servitors in the area, AND destroy critical life support systems so Unit 137 apothecaries could dose the lower hab-decks with flesh-eating slime molds.

But even with the Primarch himself in command, the Death Guard forces were still woefully disorganised - his bodyguard of Deathshroud were separated in transit, Grave Warden terminators squads were almost fatally delayed, the small sabotage units were consistently surrounded and eliminated by enemy squads, and Mortarion found himself locked in a furious melee with the Fists champion Sigismund, and a Leviathan dreadnought. Some Death Guard units even took casualties when they found themselves on the wrong level and had to leap down to lower decks.

All the time, Loyalist veterans and Mechanicum units moved to protect the life-support mechanisms, and usher the data-servitors to safety.

It was only in the final vital seconds of the combat that the Reaper turned the tide of battle - cutting down the loyalists, and sweeping down upon the Mechanicum forces as an unstoppable angel of death.

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