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If this is your first time submitting a skirmish report, please read the below before creating the report

If you only wish to lodge a Skirmish Report to update your Summary of Enemy Forces, click the create button below without changing the name. However normally you would lodge a Skirmish report within an ongoing Battle as part of a Campaign.

Local System

(Press the CREATE button to lodge a single Skirmish report, do not modify the name)


These reports are very minimalistic and have little impact on a Forces Influence over a Planet or System, it is primarily used to generate the Skirmish Summary information which tracks the win/loss/draw statistics for one against another. This means that Loyalist can fight Loyalist and Traitor vs Traitor etc, even armies from the same Legio can fight each other.

If both players have got registered armies then it is customary for the Victor to lodge the Skirmish report (to prevent the report from being lodged twice), however if your opponent doesnt have an Army ID and doesnt want to register one, the player with an Army ID can create the Report and put Legion (or other faction) name in their place. This way even if you play them again, you can use the same place holder name and it will work just like they were a registered army (you just won't be able to link to their page). If sometime down the track they do get an Army ID you can simply edit the Skirmish Reports with the placeholder name and replace it with the relevant Army ID.

When submitting Skirmish reports under the Global Heresy the player only needs to enter the following pieces of information:
Date: The date on which the game took place (this will be converted to the 30K date format automatically)
Victors Faction: The faction for which the Victor was fighting for, i.e Loyalist, Traitor, Ork etc
Victor: The Army ID of the winner Defeated: The Army ID of the loser

If the report is being submitted against a Local System then some additional pieces of information need to be added:
Planet: The details of the planet where the fight took place, these can be left blank but will not contribute towards Influence over a planet.

In both cases there is also a Draw indicator, defaultly set to No (n), in the rare circumstances that the game was a draw this can be changed to Yes (y) to indicate a drawn game.

If you are wanting to create a fluff Battle Report, that can be done as well so that you can write up in universe reports, attach pictures and have it count towards the taking of a planet.