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Livery of the Ordo Reductor

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Ordo Reductor












The Ordo Reductor Legio KOPPA-590 began with the compromise by Phaeton's Revered-Comptroler to cede a third of its forces to mars. Among the Explorator Arks launched was a ship originally laid down as the Aestis Lanceam, which had been abandoned mid-construction but had been hastily fitted out to carry its share of Phaeton's priesthood, chattels and machinery. The Arch-Magos Artisan Voras Ausakalis was given the same fiat as the rest of the Phaetonite Covenant when he was given the still, admittedly, incomplete gargantuan warship. The hurried construction of Ausakalis' Ark nearly doomed it. The ship was intended to be powered by eight plasma reactors, but when it was forced to launch to avoid the Martian assayance taskforce only three were functioning. The strain placed on the power systems was found to be unsustainable and the vessel was forced to divert to the nearest system to resume work on the vessel. Over the course of a few decades the ship continued onward and a mendicant culture took hold over many of those who followed Voras Ausakalis as they wandered, explored, and fought their way around Segmentum Pacificus.

Eventually, Ausakalis learned of Atar-Median, the Forge World founded by the remainder of the Phatonite Exploritor fleet which he had departed with many years before. The sudden re-appearance of the gargantuan warship though lost was a shock to the new lords of Atar-Median. In the discussions between Arch Magos Ausakalis and the Lords of Atar-Median it was settled that in exchange for much of the colonization supplies and equipment, the tech-preists who desired to settle upon the nascent forge world, and the God-Engines slumbering in the holds of the Ark the AM-2001 Explorator Ark and it's complement would be redesignated as the Koppa-590 Ordo-Reductor Demi-Legion. In addition, an alliance between the two was formed that guaranteed military aide should the forge world come under threat, Koppa-590 would be supplied and re-enforced as needed, and a manciple of Legio Atarus to be attached indefinitely to Koppa-590.

The first action of the Koppa-590 Demi-legio would be the compliance of the newly discovered forge world of Alastoris. The XIVth legion had been held up on the world for months fighting viscous battles through the factories and hives of the lost colony of Mars. The shock assault of Koppa-590's armour and siege automata brought the Lords of alastors to the peace table in a week's time. For their part in concluding the campaign, Ausakalis was given carte blanche to take his share of the world's spoils. The Alastoris compliance concluded, Koppa-590 returned to their homeworld of Phaeton. Using STC data taken from Alastoris, Ausakalis was able to negotiate an alliance, a refit of his ship in Phaeton's shipyard to his specifications, as well as the permanent seconding of a Legio Cybernitica cohort to Koppa-590.

The Koppa-590 Demi-Legio, well supplied and re-enforced from Phaeton would set out upon the front lines for the remainder of the Great crusade. The end for Voras Ausakalis would come 31 years into Koppa-590's march of destruction upon Mankind's foes. Slain by a Xenos weapon of unknown workings, his apprentice Vasilisa Rou would win out against the other Magos to succeed him in the conclave which followed. The growth of Koppa-590 would continue under Rou. Shortly before the Treachery of Horus was revealed in the Isstvan massacre, the warband would be elevated to one of the few Legios of the Ordo Reductor. The steady growth of the Legio could be attributed to it's aptitude for scavenging, the treaties it formed, and the onboard production capacity of its flagship.

The Age of Darkness

When the Age of Darkness descended in addition to the spilt blood of allies, the treaties between Koppa-590 and many worlds which had Declared Loyalist compelled Rou to back the Loyalists of the Imperium.

Notable Members

Arch-Magos Vasilisa Rou- Current master of Koppa-590
Arch Magos Voras Ausakalis- The first Master of Koppa-590. Deceased.
"The Cyclopean"- A Phatonite Magos Dominus of Koppa-590's Legio Cybernitica Cohort.

Combat Reports for A-MECH-2001


The Second Golloch War
Golloch Ribbon.jpg

Prelude to War

The Golloch Cluster is a nebulous region of space containing thousands of ..→


Battle Name Date Planet Battle Outcome Battle Summary
The Second Golloch War~Assault on Star Port EN-BE551N 164.009.M31 Gaul Draw

March - Geno Five Two

At the onset of the Heresy the Techno-archivists took full advantage of the emerging civil war. Delegations from Mechanicum agents loyal to the Warmaster had been ..→

The Second Golloch War~The Death of Paterswold 088.009.M31 Paters World Loyalist

February - Eye of Horus

Horus' great betrayal hit the rulers of Paterswold simultaneously with the news that a group of twenty industrialised worlds in the cluster's galactic north had sworn ..→

The Second Golloch War~The Taking of Sevastopol Station 249.009.M31 Sevastopol Station Traitor

April - Covenant of Fire

Sevastopol Station is the collective name for a system of docking stations, defense platforms, and weapon batteries defending Mandeville point TK-421, better known as ..→

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