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Maliwan Forge


Mechanicum Secundus




Forge Designation K/MW




ID Tag K/MW-BF02




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One of the smallest forges on Ultramar's Forge World of Konor, Maliwan Forge nonetheless mustered with their Tetrarch Eikos Lamiad when the order to assemble at Calth was given.

Prior to the Horus Heresy, Maliwan Forge specialised in plasma weapons, providing Tetrarch Lamiad's forces with a sizeable number of high-quality weapons. Due to its small size, however, the Forge could never hope to produce the quantities of arms and armour the seemingly ever-expanding XIIIth needed, and Maliwan was largely forgotten by all.

Mostly in orbit during the Word Bearers' treacherous attack on the Calth muster, Maliwan Forge's heavy dependence in combat on Thallax Cohorts proved most effective in the ship-to ship boarding actions that followed the initial shock of the traitors' attack.

What few forces had deployed to the surface of Calth largely died with the Holophusikon, many of Maliwan Forge's ranking magi amongst them. However, Thallax Cohort MW-07 would go on to distinguish itself, often striking at locations the Word Bearers thought secure before engaging thrusters and moving on to the next target.

In the immediate chaos following the Word Bearers' betrayal at Calth, MW-07 were briefly declared the lords of Maliwan Forge; being the highest-ranking augmented humans contactable by the Lords of Ultramar. This situation would last for several days until Archmagos Norfleet managed to free himself from the wreckage of the Holophusikon and once again take command of Maliwan's forces on Calth, by which time he was trapped on the planet along with countless others.

Maliwan Forge played a minor role in the Shadow Crusade, and is largely forgotten by the galaxy at large; but for those who fought beside them against their former allies, Maliwan Forge is remembered fondly and with great honour.

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