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Silica Animus Sanctus
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After operations on an exodite world went sour between the martian expeditionary legio cybernetica cohort attached to the world eaters and the astarties. Magos-dominus Q-24gamma was forced to take lethal action after a wold eaters preator hacked archmagos zener apart after being reprimanded about slaughtering local wildlife which were being researched and catalogued. In his death throws zener called all Martians to arms and cybernetica begun unleashing the omnissiahs wrath. Magos Dominus Q-24 gamma assumed command however without a noosphere he calculated defeat a 86% probability.Escape from the planet was the only option for survival. When reaching the dropsite reptilian beasts with harden scales were being herded into the dropship. The cohort was not fired upon as they arrived and before they could be questioned the guard unit was massacred.

Once aboard the Tireless advance, (a Goliath-class factory ship) Q-24gamma relayed the events to the archmagos prime through the data stacks and coils. During the exchange the events upon mars were explained to Q-24gamma, the prime made it clear that his loyalty was to the warmaster. Without hesitation Q-24gamma swung his power axe, bouncing off the primes mechanicum protectiva. The backswing from the prime sent Q-24 toppling over the rails onto the dropship they had arrived in. Just as before, slaved to their master the battle automata opened fire. Swathes of melta and bolter rounds tore apart the prime, howling scrapcode as he fell.

His flesh damaged beyond repair, the last orders given were to make an emergency translation into the warp.


During warp translation, the ship became a battleground loyalists and hereteks fought to the bitter end. Both sides trying to gain control of the legio Cybernetica cohort. The battle turned as Magos Dominus E-73beta and Williams calmed the automata enough to revive Q-24gamma. Automata slaughtered those who stood against them, slaved to Q-24g's will the battle came to a decisive end. The ship had taken minimum interal damage, however they had lost 67% of personnel. Taking command of the Tireless advance and its crew, Q-24gamma took the Designation "Questor".

Baylonian system

Arrival from the warp placed The Tireless advance in extreme proximity with traitor vessels. Negotiations ensued and an agreement to supply munitions in return for safe harbor was met. This agreement was not without conditions, Questor's cybernetica was to be deployed against the loyalists.

The first two deployments E-73beta and williams left no survivors.

However the traitor warmaster insisted Questor himself be deployed,from Augury Scans and intelligence reports it was clear corax primarch of the raven guard would attend the battle.

Questors logic was correct, a successful ambush caught brought ruin to the raven guard. Thanatar seige-automata: designation "rusty" and "mg Tyrant" created a sea of plasma. vaporizing troops and disabling vehicles, the "omnissiahs wrath" calix class thanatar entered close combat with a leviathan class dreadnought.

Finally Corax entered the fray, bellowing a challenge Questor's shield sung underneath a hail of blows by the omnissiahs grace none hit true. Castellax protocols kicked in and the automata reigned blow after blow on corax, finally subduing him. Questors cogitators estimated that corax was 98% more useful alive, and was captured.

Ashes of pyre fluff

Part 1 laws of devine complexity. According to this Law, the structure and working of each machine had been set down by the Omnissiah and was therefore divine. Thus, to alter it was considered an act of heresy and punishable by death. Was it the omnissiahs will for a machine spirit to be extinguished? If archmagos dominus Questor could not repair his automata, using the techniques set out by his peers. This would result in the breaking of the law. Inversely to allow this automata to die would also be heresy. Questor thought fondly of his use of such mortal terms to a machine. Both of his options available to him were tech-heresy. Contemplating this, the third most likely to be efficient to the war effort was improvisation. Such a thing, may bring victory over the traitors. Minutes passed as the pros and cons of such a simple question were weighted, was this the sort of scenario that had been a reason for the fabricator-general turning his back on the accords? +++Data Lock Activated+++ +_recoding devices shutdown +_locks sealed Questor detached every possible mechanical system. ++ Life expectancy 12 minutes 43 secconds. ++ Long had it been before his first electoo. The oil slick air entered his remaining lung, pain was all he felt with what remained of his human form. Not knowing quite what he had anticipated by this last act of humanity, his eyes fixed on the battered castellax. +stand+ Castellax Gamma 8 rose from its slumped position, its cracked djinn housing falling off as it did so. It was a beautiful glow a green-blue that washed over him, to see it with his remaining mortal eye was humbling. "Please know Gamma 8, i do not remove you from your being without paying the same price." +life expectancy 4 minutes+ It seems we must begin.

part 2

The arrangements had been made, ancient promises once held core to him had now been broken. The astarties do not care about our accords or our traditions, all they care for is our firepower. That my son, is a blessing in disguise. Questor found dormitor class automata ineffective at the task they were designed for, this sacred task however was one it could perform. Weary from the massive surgeries he had undertaken as the loyalist fleet hurtled towards the traitors forces. Many automata had been willed from their slumber to be combat ready, still time was essential and there was never enough. Abominable intelligence they called it, shackled by fear of past failures no magos dare to speak of, nor create works with such. Questors new bodyguard, although formidable was just a front. Every part of Questor was being copied, written onto the dormitor so in the case of his death this work of the omnissiah could become something more than just a weapon of war. From trial runs, the program seemed to sufficiently increase the cognitive function of dormitor class automata G-2259. Combat trials should be more conclusive.

part 3

It was ironic both forces had pulled out, unfortunately loosing some skilled cyberthurgists during the battle made the mission a minor failure. Seccond deployment had Questor drastically undestimated the world eaters and after hacking apart some red butchers realied this too was a failure. ++ Magos Dominus Aratax ++ +log: pyre assault = failure+ Archmagos Questors leadership had not come into question until this day, 2 failures consecutively was unbecoming of his personality. +damage report: 0% vital systems 0% noncritical sytems These astarties were pesky, aratax locked gaze with the apothecary in front of him. Every time the world eater tried to strike a blow it was bonced off with the ease of stones on void sheilds. Enough, some battles require personal intervention. The power axe bit into the marine deep, in his death throws mechadendrites violated his augmentations. Drinking deep of any data lying there. ++Tireless advance: bridge++ +warp translation detected+ Incoming message: Trator filth, I Caleb Demacia am your doom.

-Aftermath.- The smoke was so thick even the augmented sight of an Archmagi struggled to identity targets. His judgement of astarties seemed to be inaccurate. Making him take such risks as to disable the thanatar units to feign death. His cogitators whirred, calculating. The previous battle against the thousand sons was tough, their strategy bold but inefficient. This battle though, the armored division of the Alpha legion. It was unusual, faced before with the challenge Questor had failed. Each time reaping a mighty tally, the Alpha legion had come in search of something. Magos Aratax lay at his feet. Trading his armor to take to the enemy, a lascannon shot killing him instantly. No victory was won, it seemed as though the legion had tanks and men to spare. It was a ratity, this feeling. The alpha legion had long plagued the magi, their schemes so incomprehensible. Even when Questor had thought that he grasped their purpose, their mission. They war within themselves, it was hard to decipher who was foe. Illogical. A blurt of binary hailed from Thanitar unit 89-omega, also known by the crew as "the omnissiahs wrath". Placing a cold metal palm on the unit Questor breathed deep, respirator rasping as unit 89 transmitted its estimated kill report. Four predators, two full squads of marines and a sicarian battle tank. Such losses, yet they left as swiftly and mysteriously as they came. Questor did not know, however if they came to die they certainly succeded. War in the pyre system would require guile and subterfuge. Bringing death was not enough, is not enough to turn the tide.


Magos Questor had overestimated the abilities of the iron warriors’ combat ability, the numbers sat in his cogitators like dune sand. Irritating at best, the idea that even a primarch could have superior models of dormitar was a grievous wound to what was left of his ego. Castellax and thallax proved an easy task for the traitors, Questor needed answers. Loping into combat with the hulking dormitars he soaked in as much information as possible. A cloud of mechadendrites filled the combat attempting to scan and study as Questor diverted 85% of power to shields. Frustrated at their lack of progress perterabo began to hammer the shield, the weight of a primarch rarely was something Questor was prepared to toy with. Mechadendrites reeled in and the remaining units ordered to fire on the combat, with his stasis field nothing could scratch him. A sea of plasma engulfed him as the iron circle rallied to defend their master. A close escape, next time he might not be so fortunate. The wolf king had the masters of the fleets convene upon his ship “Hrafnkel” who’s command deck had a functionality unexpected of their legion. Upon arrival the wolf king greeted Questor personally along with other important strategists, of which some had almost brother like banter before briefing the primarch. The Magos was not one to receive such treatment, although unoffended the magos noted the distrust and ire that his fellow astarties laid on him. Playing his recordings of perterabo through the hololith, Russ seemed impressed that the magos held his ground against the traitor. Mechaniucm had given a reputation for their fickleness, Questor believed if he had a combat ready ship they would question his motives. However the purely industrial capabilities of his vessel allowed them such leverage that there was no doubt even if he had traitorous intentions they could end it swiftly. The wolf king proclaimed he would put himself in perterabo’s flight path and bring him to justice himself. A decision was made to put Questor in fulgrim’s sights, allowing his brother to run foolishly into an enemy which he would underestimate. Deployment sol 113 Pyre system. Dust bellowed as a gilded Spartan assault tank sped towards Questors dug in position, hidden from their augury arrays 2 vulturax automata were commanded to overload their blasters immediately halting the tank. Terminators barged through the door and began making their way to engage in hand to hand combat. Their armour no match for Plasma mortars quickly the primarch found himself alone, charging with no army to assist him. After carving through 2 castellax skittarii rushed to overwhelm him with numbers before he could reach their master. Automata and magi entered the fray, a horrific toll was wrought before finally Questors Axe bit into his hip as his machinator array entered the cracks of armour delivering heavy doses of different serums and poisons to sedate fulgrim. After taking scans and samples the magos called down a wolf host to escort fulgrim to his brother justice. The games of primarchs were not worth his time, leaving the politics up to the legion.


Combat Reports for A-MECH-6537


Baylonian Insurrection
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The Tomb of Galahad
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Prelude to War

Sometime before the Heresy erupted throughout the Imperium, Crusade Fleet ..→


Battle Name Date Planet Battle Outcome Battle Summary
Ashes of Pyre~Battle for Metam V 962.008.M31 Metam V Loyalist

Excerpt from The Horus Heresy: Famous Campaigns and notable battles

by Reginald Archibald III, Official Remembrancer.

Most Imperial historians are in agreement that the campaign by ..→

Baylonian Insurrection~Act 10 694.008.M31 System Wide Traitor

With the final offensive launched, it was only a matter of time before the Traitors declared victory over the system. It was a testament to their resolve that the Loyalist forces held on for as long ..→

The Tomb of Galahad~ACT of Heresy

As the final salvos from the Traitors fleet crippled the remaining Loyalists cruisers covering the main forces retreat the hooded Watcher began to move. Sliding past the lifeless bodies of hundreds ..→

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