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The following is a list of documents made for the 30K setting. These are all unofficial/fanmade supplements which are intended to expand the scope of the games setting outside of just the Horus Heresy. Players should always check with their local group or EO before using this army lists and/or rules in games.

Campaign Supplements

30K Crusade - The Stilling of Bharteth

- The first in a new series of 30K Crusade supplements being released by AUS30K, tied into the Global Heresy series

Alternative Rules

30K Crusade Campaign System

- Effectively the 40K Campaign system from the new 9th Edition rules, but converted to suit 7th edition 30K. A lot of the rule mechanics are largely unchanged as they were not specific to 9th Edition, however where they were (like for Traits and Relics) they have been converted to 7th.

30K Crusade Order of Battle and Crusade Card documents

- A folder with various documents to print out for Crusade Cards and Order of Battle, including a PDF which can be printed out at a local print store.

Agents & Fugitives of the Australis Ultima Sector

- An expansion on the original Forge World Agents, giving more rules and conditions around various options as well as a significantly larger range of units to choose from.

Army Lists

Thunder Warriors - Unification Wars (DRAFT)

- A Unification Wars Army List for the force of the Emperor, initially starting with Thunder Warriors but will include Strife Epoch Regiments

30K Ancient Aeldari - Anrathe (DRAFT)

- A 30K version of the Aeldari Corsairs, incorporating aspects of the Ancient Aeldari prior to fall and representing the last vestiges of their navy.

30K Craftworld Aeldari - Asuryani

- A 30K version of the Craftworld Aeldari, including changes to represent the force shortly after the Fall.

30K Empyreal Aeldari - Drukhari (WIP)

- A 30K version of the Dark Aeldari representing them shortly after the Fall before the Kabals took control of the Dark City.

30K Exodite Aeldari - Sierclanna (DRAFT)

- An initial draft version of the 30K Exodite Aeldari.

30K Necrons - Awakening Tomb Worlds

- A 30K version of the Necrons with significant changes to their Force Org and available units to represent an early Awakening Tomb World which follows the Nodal Command.

30K Orks - Greenskin Empires

- A 30K version of the Orks representing them as the larger established Empires which existed prior to their destruction during the time period.

30K Rogue Traders Militant

- A small supplement list allowing players to form a unique army type: the Rogue Traders Militant.