Adlayd System

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Orbit Path Five
Hyperborea Prime
Hyperborea Prime
Hyperborea Secondus
Hyperborea Secondus

Wootoona Chain

Hyperborea Prime.png

Hyperborea Prime

Class: Artifact World


Hyperborea Secondus

Class: Desert World

Centrumeh Sub-Sector



During the long and somewhat dragged out negotiations with the Baylonian Conclave in the Oteal System, a splinter force from the 597th expedition fleet was sent to explore the small Adlayd system. Upon initial scans the planet Hyperborea Prime was believed to contain both plentiful natural resources and what seemed to be ruins of a past civilisation. Before units could be deployed to the surface the splinter fleet was recalled to the Oteal system in preparation for the oncoming war following the Vilnor incident.

Mechanicum forces sent to the Oteal system from Terra to take over the compliance action soon negotiated peace and discovered that in ages past the Conclave had built a research station in the Wootoona Chain. They also discovered that from this station the Conclave had sent landing parties to Hyperborea Prime and found that the long-dead civilisation had once been of a high-level technological advancement. For unknown reasons the Conclave had retreated from the system before any Archeotech or STC fragments could be discovered and treat the system as if it were cursed.

With the intention of recovering any lost technological secrets, the Mechanicum fleet set off for Hyperborea. However, the system was ravaged by warp storms of unprecedented size, making travel impossible, soon to be lost and forgotten.

Outbreak of the Horus Heresy

Now as the civil war rages, rumours are spreading throughout the Centrumeh Sub-System that the warp storms have dissipated and lost technological wonders are for the taking. The Synod of the neighbouring Oteal system has also offered a reward for any lost STC Fragments or Archeotech that is retrieved. Causing a small influx of civilians from Centrumeh Gate and other surrounding systems to gather in the Adlayd System, wishing to discover archeotech for profit. This could all be a ploy by the Synod or one of the other systems governors in an attempt to create interest by drawing the war into the distant and uninhabited system.

Upon seeing civilians risking the dangerous voyage to Hyperborea and the reward offered by the Synod, Traitor and Loyalist legions have both sent forces to take the Adlayd system. The goal is to control its resources, find any lost technology that could aid in the ongoing civil war and to stop it from ending up in the wrong hands.

The Battle Of Hyperborea

The Initial campaign in what later became known as The Battle Of Hyperborea was a long and brutal war that drew in many legions from nearby sectors and was fought exclusively on the planet of Hyperborea Prime. The battle to seize a foothold on the planet ended in a minor Traitor victory, however where the true victory was won was the vital Archeotech captured by the Traitor forces of the Thousand Sons. This archeotech was decided to be of importance, but not of such grandeur that it could sway the outcome of the ongoing civil war. Because of this, both loyalist and traitor factions decided to send reinforcements originally destined to The Adlayd System to other theatres of the war deemed more vital.

The Remnants War

Those left behind to defend Hyperborea and try to discover it’s hidden technology found themselves fighting a war of attrition, slowly wearing down the enemy and destroying vital strategic supplies. The Battle almost ended in a complete Loyalist victory, but when a Loyalist Alpha Legion force betrayed their allies and gave their captured supplies, Land and acheotech to the Traitor side, it swayed the results to a minor win for the Traitors.

During the battle scholars of the Thousand Sons where able to capture and activate an ancient device that is able to absorb warp energy and was once used to power Hyperborea's lost civilisation, this has activated many of Hyperborea’s ancient facilities and defence batteries. The now ancient technology is rumoured to be having odd effects on anyone having prolonged contact with some of the more run-down areas.

The discovery of such a powerful Relic has made the Adlayd sector an important asset and many new reinforcements have been sent to seize it from their enemies.

Known Planets within the System

Hyperborea Prime: A lush green world containing the ruins of a long extinct and technologically advanced human civilization.

Hyperborea Secondus: Once the moon of Hyperborea prime, now free of its orbit, it is a Desert world containing evidence of past habitation

Wootoona Chain: An asteroid field which is almost impenetrable, due to its dense concentration of asteroids, remanants of hidden defence drones and magnetic ship mines, travel for anything much bigger than a stormbird is impossible. Also containing an old research station built by the Baylonian Conclave of the neighboring Oteal System and a dozen other ancient installations of various sizes and shapes.

Augello: A large gas giant surrounded by many small moons.