Alentos System Pacification~Ravaging of Space Station Primus

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Battle Details

Type: Battle
Date: 148.009.M31
Sub-Sector:Helix Cluster
System: Alentos System
Planet: Aethos
Victor: Imperial
Influence: 5


Loyalists Involved In The Conflict


Traitors Involved In The Conflict


Battle Summary

"Stand by for impact" said Ferox over internal helmet vox traffic. With a howling screech, and a spine shattering lurch, the boarding torpedo slammed into the Xenos space station. A heart beat later and the front drilling array fired and began to chew its way through the armored hull. "Prepare to board" Voxed Ferox again. Suddenly the Torpedo stopped. A series of loud bangs signaled the breaching charges blowing out he last panels into the station following by the front door dropping open. "CHARGE!" Shouted Ferox and himself, his Rampager escorts and the legion apothecary charged through the smoke. Pounding down the corridors, Ferox could feel the nails already biting deeply. "Not yet" he slurred as his brain synapses were altered. He came to a Tee shaped intersection where a squad of tactical marines were engaged in a vicious close quarters fire fight. The pressure from hundreds of Bolter rounds discharging was incredible. He stopped as he found a helm created sergeant. "Report!" "Xenos filth sir, we are preparing to engage them. Continue your advance, we will be able to manage here" he snarled. He quickly leaned around the corner and emptied the mag of his Bolter into the face of a screaming guardian warrior. "33rd! FORWARDS!" He pounded down the other corridor and straight into a vast open space where hundreds of Eldar turned on him in surprise. Thumbing the activation on his power glaive, Ferox thundered towards a group of Eldar guardians. Withering fire bounced off his armor, scratching the paint, but doing little more. He threw himself into the group of warriors with such force one warrior was trampeled beneath him. Hacking left and right, he felt the nails biting deeper. Until finally, he gave in, and remembered no more...

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