Alkoss Primus

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Alkoss Primus
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System Capital and Industrial Centre


Ultima Segmentum


Australis Ultima


Cambrius Sub-Sector


Alkoss System


Industrial World



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Type Large iron/silicate

Mass 6.14 x 1038 kg

Density 5.44 g/cm3

Composition 30.1% oxygen, 20.9% iron, 19.2% silicon, 18.8% calcium, 3.5% magnesium, 3.2% other metals, 4.3% other elements


Gravity 1.83 m/s2

Escape Velocity 3.47 km/s

Rotation Period 29.4 hours

Axis Tilt 0.13 °


Type Slight Toxic Breathable

Pressure 401.47 kPa

Composition 75.8% Nitrogen, 24.2% Oxygen, trace other gases


8.5 Billion (Imperial Census 5 years before Horus Heresy)

Now estimated to be ~6 billion after the most recent bouts of fighting.


A world with the leavings of a great human civilization, after the Age of Strife the humans that remained had established an industrial society, protected and aided by the technology found in the arcologies in long dead cities. Many expeditions into the ruins never returned. It is rumored that Men of Iron may stalk the lower reaches and dark depths of the Dark Age panic-bunkers. As war came to Alkoss the populations were divided, some exterminated, but there remains many various factions from the old pre-compliance city-states that align with either traitor or loyalist. It is here on Alkoss primus that the raw materials from the rich outer worlds are refined into highly valued product. Part of that system is the orbital station. In the first cataclysmic battles for Alkoss it was damaged immensely but still remains a highly important part of the production of the planet. Currently the Traitors have the upper hand on the world.

The planet is roughly the same size as Terra with several large oceans around the center of the planet with huge lakes dominating the northern and southern hemispheres. There is no axial tilt so the equator is invariably tropical and warm and it gets cooler as you approach the icy and snow covered poles. many cities, both occupied and ruined, dot the surface. Battles can take place in most terrestrial biomes, Zone Mortalis may take place in the arcologies or in the orbital station. There are many ruined and intact cities that are still occupied by both military forces and civilians.

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  • Will's Death Guard defeated A-MECH-6412 a Traitor gain.