Attempted Raven Guard infiltration of Sebkay's Command

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Battle Details

Type: Battle
Date: 8 November 2015 003.007.M31
Sub-Sector:Hawcinus Sub-Sector
System: Harkarialis System
Planet: Kug'Arkal
Victor: Traitor
Influence: 5


Loyalists Involved In The Conflict

Army:Chris' Raven Guard

Traitors Involved In The Conflict


Battle Summary

Following his flight from Prospero, Sebkay would attempt to consolidate his forces. Rendezvousing with his few remaining allies in the ruins of a Mechanicum Forge Outpost he attempted to repair and refit his remaining Contemptors and Knight allies. Through their extensive use of stealth and lightly armoured scouts, the Raven Guard located his forces. Should they have attempted communication with him a battle could probably be avoided, however the Sons of Magnus had been deemed traitors to the Emperor, so no such attempt was made.

The Raven Guard sent a large force of infantry under cover of darkness to destroy Sebkay's armoured support, and backed this up with a small column of Predator Battle Tanks and a Fire Raptor. To hand, Sebkay had a pair of newly interned Contemptor's, liberated from the Wolves of Fenris during the flight from Prospero, as well as a pair of Cerastus Knights loaned from the independent Archmagos Draykavac. Fortunately for Sebkay, he was ever a planner. In geosynchronous orbit a thousand miles above the outpost lay one of his last remaining Caestus Assault Rams carrying 10 veterans in liberated Space Wolf tartarus armour. As strategic reserve go, it was small, but it was all he had.


“Praetor Sebkay, this is Senechal 1029, message, over.”

“Damn it Ten, why don’t you people use names?” snapped Sebkay.

“We have no names, one of Archmagos Draykavac’s many gifts. My mount is reading an indeterminate, but large number of returns on her scanners, bearing 3405mils through 4203mils, range 2542 metres.”

“I know. The Emperor’s loyal sons come for us. They think us traitors.”


Pre-warned of the attack Sebkay was able to counterattack, putting the Raven Guard on the back foot. With the aid of his allies he crushed the attack, although it cost the lives of 8 brothers in the Tactical Squads and severe injuries for 3 more. The Talon of Contemptors cut a bloody swathe through the centre of the enemy infantry, although one was damaged beyond short term repair and had to be put into a psychically induced coma.


“Ten this is Sebkay. It’s done, although it is a dire thing we have done this day.”

“You are correct, Sebkay. Our intentions matter not in this, history may yet record us as the traitors these Astartes thought us.”

“I know. I know. I… know.”

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