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*[[Tutorial:Sub-Sector Construction]]
*[http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Help:Editing_pages Editing Pages]
*[[Tutorial:Solar System Construction]]
*[[Solar System Construction]]
*[[Tutorial:Army Page Construction]]
*[[Army Page Construction]]

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Welcome to the Australis Ultima Sector,
the 30K campaign sector that anyone can join.
6,370 pages and counting

Australis UIltima Sector Status

SurpriseSavage ReachPacificus Delta Sub-SectorHelix ClusterCambrius Sub-SectorHawcinus Sub-SectorAustralis UltimaAustralis Ultima Sector Map
Sub-Sectors: 12
Systems: 42
Planets: 213
Planets At War: 1

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Army Spotlights

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NL Contemptor 1.jpg

The 12th company was made out of multiple strike "Claws". The majority of which were terranborn. While other traitor legions had to cull their ranks of stalwart loyalists, no such action was needed for the Night Lords. Even those born of Terra by the Emperor's hands knew what they were and didn't fight their calling in life. The 12th company had proven itself many times over to the Night Haunter, but with the influx of Nostraman gang members ..more..

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