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|includepage={Infobox Army} dpl,#History[450 ..more..<br><br>],

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Dark Angels
White Scars
Space Wolves
Imperial Fists
Blood Angels
Iron Hands
Raven Guard
Adeptus Mechanicus
Emperor's Children
Iron Warriors
Night Lords
World Eaters
Death Guard
Thousand Sons
Sons of Horus
Word Bearers
Alpha Legion

Australis UIltima Sector Status

SurpriseSavage ReachPacificus Delta Sub-SectorHelix ClusterCambrius Sub-SectorAustralis UltimaAustralis Ultima Sector Map
Sub-Sectors: 11
Systems: 42
Planets: 209
Planets At War: 1

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Army Spotlights

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Legio XIV.png

The honour roll of 3rd Chapter can be traced back to Barbarus and the discovery of Mortarion. Formed of Barbarus stock, the Chapter is fiercely loyal to their primarch. Blooded in the trenches of Istvaan 3 and further shaped in the crucible of Istvaan 5, 3rd Chapter stands as willing instruments of Mortarions will.

Basic Training
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