Australis Ultima Sector

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Australis UIltima Sector Status

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Army Spotlights

Dark Angels White Scars Space Wolves Imperial Fists Blood Angels Iron Hands Ultramarines Salamanders Raven Guard

Emperor's Children Iron Warriors Night Lords World Eaters Death Guard Thousand Sons Sons of Horus Word Bearers Alpha Legion

Custodes Sisters Mechanicum Blackshields Knight Houses Imperial Army

Orks Asuryani Drukhari Anrathe Sierclanna Necron

Army Spotlights

NL Legionary Terror Squad.jpg

Led by Karuc Stormhunter, Lord of the Tempest, the 53rd Company of the Night Lords Legion specialises in mobile armoured strikes, orbital shock assaults and fleet boarding actions. They also make judicious use of specialist squads for target designation and softening of fortified positions before their assaults.

The company gets its name and Karuc his title from the low orbit manoeuvres their ships perform before launching an orbital assault. ..more..