Australis Ultima Sector

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Forces Available

Dark Angels White Scars Space Wolves Imperial Fists Blood Angels Iron Hands Ultramarines Salamanders Raven Guard

Emperor's Children Iron Warriors Night Lords World Eaters Death Guard Thousand Sons Sons of Horus Word Bearers Alpha Legion

Custodes Sisters Mechanicum Blackshields Knight Houses Imperial Army

Orks Asuryani Drukhari Anrathe Sierclanna Necron

Army Spotlights


When the reports of the Heresy first started trickling back to Mars, there were some who cared little for the internal politics of the Imperium, but were deeply concerned for the implications the Heresy generated. For some, the biggest concern was not in whom held the greatest position of power, but in the potential loss in databases and knowledge that the Heresy could inflict upon the memory banks of the Mechanicum's closely-guarded ..more..

Australis Ultima Sector Map

Savage ReachPacificus Delta Sub-SectorHelix ClusterCambrius Sub-SectorHawcinus Sub-SectorBeneheventian Sub-SectorCentrumeh Sub-SectorKaliduza Sub-SectorKaerimon Sub-SectorGolloch ClusterSub-Sector Christus EcclesiaD43Australis UltimaAustralis Ultima Sector Map
Ashes of Pyre
Ashes Ribbon.png Kaerimon Sub-Sector Pyre System
Battle for Hyperborea
Ipsum Ribbon.png Centrumeh Sub-Sector Adlayd System
Battle for Kenuc
Kenuc Ribbon.png Appalachius Scar Kenuc System
Baylonian Insurrection
Baylonian Insurrection Ribbon.png Centrumeh Sub-Sector Oteal System
Exploration of Tegular
Tegular Ribbon.png Helix Cluster Siarris
Ortious Cloud Incident
Ortious Cloud Incident Ribbon.jpg Pacificus Delta Sub-Sector Ludusio System
Second Compliance of Corabie
Corabie Campaign Ribbon.png Helix Cluster Corabie System
The Corruption of Plutonem Majorum
Corruption of Plutonem Majorus Ribbon.png Plutonem Majorus Sub-Sector Wide
The Second Golloch War
Golloch Ribbon.jpg Golloch Cluster Sub-Sector Wide