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System Capital


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Australis Ultima


Savage Reach


Chrondor System


Civilised World



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Type Large Iron/silicate

Mass 7.73 x 1024 kg

Density 5.15 g/cm3

Composition 35.7% iron, 27.8% silicon, 24.6% oxygen, 5.4% aluminum, 3.7% other metals, 2.8% other elements


Gravity 10.18 m/s2

Escape Velocity 12.03 km/s

Rotation Period 34.76 hours

Axis Tilt 30.39 °


Type Dense breathable

Pressure 131.36 kPa

Composition 79.3% argon, 20.7% oxygen, trace other gases



Bas-Tyranis has been the Capitol Planet of the Chrondor System since the Dark Age OF Technology. As far back as intact records go, the planet is has the seat of government for a council made up of a number of representatives from each planet in the system, chosen, in theory at least, for their aptitude. In practice though this is not always the case, Sar-Sanguum has a seat on the council for the ruler of each hive for example, and this is usually an inherited position.

During the years of isolation during the Age of Strife, Bas-Tyranis was the glue that held the many worlds of the Chrondor system together as a united whole. Always a militaristic in nature, life on the Capitol was very regimented, their military well trained and equipped with the best the system could produce. Deviation from the norm was also never encouraged. Those exhibiting signs of deviance, especially the mutant and the psyker, were never tolerated, and so Chrondor was spared many of the warp bred horrors associated with the beginning of the Age Of Strife. Coupled with their military might, Bas-Tryaranis help unite the defences of the entire system against the numerous nameless horrors that came for the stars during that dark time.

As the Capitol planet of the system, Bas-Tyranis reaps the lions share of the resources the system generates, and its mighty military forces to protect both this great wealth, and its position of power in the Chrondor system.

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