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To date the following Battle Honours have been issued to armies taking part in campaigns across the Australis Ultima Sector:

2nd Legions: Assault the Beaches

- May re-roll a single reserve

ANZAC Cup 2016

- Revealed at the start of the Deployment phase (before players have rolled), player may Seize the Initiative on a 5+ with no additional modifiers

ANZAC Cup 2017

- May reroll your Warlord Trait

Ashes of Pyre

Prelude: Metam V - Unit Gains +1 Combat Resolution for a single phase

Phase 1 - A unit gains Skyfire for one round but cannot shoot the following round

Phase 2 - May force both players to reroll the dice for a Catastrophic Damage table result

Phase 2 Veteran - May select a result from the Catastrophic Damage table

Baylonian Insurrection

Act One - 128.008.M31 - A single infantry unit may gain Fell No Pain for a one Turn

Act Two - 158.008.M31 - One Infantry unit gain the Scout Universal Special Rule

Act Three - 216.008.M31 - An enemy unit is at -1 Ballistic Skill for a single Turn

Act Four - 292.008.M31 - May force the enemy to reroll a single D6

Act Five - 350.008.M31 - May reroll a single Initiative, Strength or Toughness Test

Act Six - 388.008.M31 - Character gains Hatred for a single Challenge

Act Seven - 462.008.M31 - Repair an Immobile vehicle on a 6

Act Eight - 541.008.M31 - You may reroll ONE Warlord trait

Act Nine - 637.008.M31 - Single unit gains Relentless and Gets Hot! for one Turn

Act Ten - 694.008.M31 - You may redeploy up to 1D3 units at the end of the Deployment phase

Act Eleven - 790.008.M31 - A Deep Striking unit may enter from reserves on a 2+ but must add +2D6" to their scatter (even with a hit)

Act Twelve - 885.008.M31 - An infantry model with an Invulnerable may increase its save by 1 for one turn but destroys their invulnerable save after

Void Veterans - May Hack a single door on a 4+ (Zone Mortalis)

Battle for Cambrius Minor

- One non Independant Character in TDA may re-roll a single save

Battle for Eglurn

- May run and charge a single unit, must be played before running

Battle for Pandorum

- Character gains preferred Enemy Character for one turn

Breaking of Centrumeh Gate

ACT of Heresy II - May move one objective 0"-6" during Deployment

Acquisition of STC42s - Unit may run 6" once without rolling

Descent of the Accipitier - An Infantry unit under a Blast template may immediately make a run move but are then pinned no matter

Echorix: Battle for Spyke

Phase One - Warlord Gain Flank March

Escalation Rises 2017

- Unit may reroll failed to hit rolls for one turn

Fall of St.Sebastian

Loyalist - Unit may fire Overwatch at BS2

Traitor - Unit may reroll one charge roll

Herocon 2016: The Front

Event Token - Units Guns gains the Gets Hot! & Heavy Special Rules and an additional 12" Range

Coolest Dude - May reroll a single Invulnerable

Inferno Campaign

Inferno Phase One - Free Aegis Defense Line if Defending

Inferno Phase Two - A single Augury Scanner may be upgraded to a Cognis signum for free

Inferno Phase Three - One Characters Close Combat Weapon gains the Duelist Edge Special rule

Inferno Phase Four - A single Independent character may be equipped with the Armour Infernus, upgrading their regular armour to have the Hardened Special Rule and a built in Nuncio Vox

Inferno System 025.008.M31 - A single unit may swap their Melta Bombs for Shroud Bombs

Inferno System 350.008.M31 - A single unit may ignore 1D3 Gets Hot! results until the end of the turn

MKA Classes

Sydney 2016 - Unit gains preferred enemy Unpainted

Northern Front - Battle of Eglurn System

- May Run and Charge a single unit, once. Must be played before the unit has Run

Operation: Molten Storm

- May reroll your seize the Initiative roll

Ortious Cloud Incident

Ortious Phase One - May force the opponent to roll 3D6 when determining scatter (ignored if a Hit is scored)

Ortious Phase Two - May outflank a single non-Super Heavy unit

Ortious Phase Three - One Character gains a free Breaching Charge

Pandorum Campaign

Pandorum Phase One -

Pandorum Phase Two - A Character gain Preferred Enemy: Character for a single Turn

Savage Crusade

Savage Phase One - One unit may re-roll their reserve roll

Savage Phase Two - One Independent Characters Invulnerable save may be re-rolled

Savage Phase Three - May elect a single unit to make a reserve roll Turn One

Savage Phase Four - No Reserved modifications can be used for a full Game Turn

Savage Phase Five - A single unit may run 2D6

Shadows of Betrayal

- A single non Independent Character can upgrade one of their weapons to be Master Crafted

The Burning of Scandus Prime

- May reroll one saving throw

The Lincon Heresy

- Play may reroll a single Reserve Roll

The Rallying of Trugoy

ACT of Heresy - A single unit may gain Preferred Enemy: Loyalist/Traitor

Escape from Nestro - One unit may gain Void Hardened for free

The Crushing of Grox - One Sergeant Character may swap a Power Fist for a Narthecium to gain Fell No Pain 5+

Siege of Geigenhive (Zone Mortalis) - Unlock access to the Phosphex Bomb Strategem

Siege of Geigenhive (Age of Darkness) - Unit gains Move Through Cover special rule

Siege of Geigenhive (Trivia Winners) - A single Attack gains the Instant Death Special Rule

Scouring of Sydneaous Prime - Deep Striking Unit comes on from reserve on a 2+ but adds 2D6 to scatter (even on Hit)

Final Battle of Trugoy - Single Characters weapon gains Rending