Battle for Desert Outpost 3

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Battle Details

Type: Battle
Date: 827.006.M31
Sub-Sector:Cambrius Sub-Sector
System: Cambrius System
Planet: Cambrius
Victor: Loyalist
Influence: 5


Loyalists Involved In The Conflict


Traitors Involved In The Conflict

Army:Word Bearers

Battle Summary

A battle broke out as the Salamanders sought to secure a rare STC that was rumoured to have been discovered at the Outpost, but on arrival found that the rumour had also reached less wholesome ears. The Word Bearers, led by the foul Chaplain Erebus, faced the might of the Gorladons, the 6th Company of the 3rd Chapter of the Salamanders legion, under the command of Captain Na'vash. The battle opened with the Firedrakes of Squad Hekal and Breacher squad Ver'bero advancing in the east, while Tactical Squad He'rok held their ground in the shadow of an old oil column. The Librarian then summoned his psychic might, obscuring the Captain and his Firedrakes from the sight of the enemy. 4 Word Bearers fell to bolt fire despite their Apothecaries' best efforts. The Erebus' large squad of 20 marines, accompanied by an Apothecary and Chaplain advanced to the west, while in the centre the Gal Vorbak mounted a Rhino and began to advance. The small squad accompanied by the techmarine in the east held their ground, firing ineffectually at the Breachers. In the west 3 Salamanders fell to enemy fire.

The Salamanders continued their advance, failing to kill any enemies in the east as the obscured Firedrakes realised that they would not be able to charge fr a while longer. The tactical squad managed to punch two members of Erebus' squad from their feet. Sensing danger the eastern Word Bearer's squad fell back, firing their bolters ineffectively at the obscured Firedrakes. The Gal Vorbak's transport and Erebus' squad began to converge on the Squad He'rok.

Sensing an opportunity, the Firedrakes headed west, closing with Erebus and his cronies. The power of the warp stuttered, and the Librarian was unable to muster enough power to continue obscuring the Firdrakes. Squad He'rok made their anger at the Word Bearer's treachery known, and when the fyceline smoke cleared as they reloaded 4 Word Bearers were down. The Word Bearers' response was lacklustre, the Gal Vorbak dismounting from their Rhino, while Erebus' squad fired at the Firedrakes, failing to kill any. The eastern squad of Word Bearers, seeing the Firedrakes backs were turned were quick to capitalise, and when the smoke cleared one of the noble warriors had been felled.

The Firedrakes continued their advance, hungry for vengeance for their fallen brother. The power of the warp surged, and the Librarian capitalised on it, a sonic bellow rupturing the eardrums of one of the advancing Gal Vorbak. He was once again able to obscure the Firedrakes from enemy sight, although he was wounded as the sudden uprising of power overcame him, fortunately he would live to fight another day. Squad Ver'bero lifted their weapons, but were unable to do more than strike another wound from the Gal Vorbak. With a mighty war shout, the Firedrakes lifted their hammers and crashed into Erebus' squad. Captain Na'vash yelled a challenge at the cur Erebus, but was met by his Chaplain lackey, who was contemptuously cut down, along with another Word Bearer who sought to spare the whelp his fate. Erebus responded by caving in the skull of one of the Firedrakes, his own sorcery easily piercing the psychic veil upon them. The Word Bearer's struck back, injuring several of the Firedrakes and the good Captain himself. In return 7 Word Bearers fell to their hammers. The Gal Vorbak fired at the breacher's but failed to kill any. They crashed into combat, killing 3. The Librarian stepped forwards to duel the hulking monstrosity leading them, but neither was able to wound the other. Realising they were outmatched the breachers fell back. Back in the main combat Erebus again refused to meet Captain Na'vash in combat this time allowing the Apothecary to stand in his place, who was swiftly sent to meet his "Gods". The Word Bearer's hit back, but were unable to hurt the Firedrakes as they bore the brunt of the attacks on their shields, before lashing out and sending another 4 to their graves.

The Breacher squad reset themselves, digging in and bracing for another round. The Librarian shrouded them from view as they fired at the monsters, but failed to do any damage. Tactical Squad He'rok unleashed their bolters once again,taking another wound from the beasts. In the combat Erebus was finally forced to face the Captain. He raised his Crozius, blocking the first strike, but was swiftly cut down by the tree that followed. The Firedrakes took no notice of the Word Bearers scratching at their armour, hammering another to the floor. The remaining two took to their heels, leaving the STC safely in the hands of the Salamanders Elite. The Gal Vorbak howled their dismay as Erebus fell, launching themselves into Tactical Squad He'rok. The Tactical maines fought bravely, but were no match for the daemonically enhanced marines, and four fell before their assault, for no losses in return. Sergeant He'rok challenged the leader of the squad and wounded him, but was cut down for his impudence.

However, at this point the outcome of the battle was clear. With their leader dead and the STC safe in the Firedrakes' hands the day had gone to the loyalist forces. With a last snarl at the surviving marines the Gal Vorbak vanished in a teleportation flare, along with the surviving Word Bearers.

Ave Imperator!

Skirmish Reports

Skirmishes Added

Skirmish Designation Victor Defeated Faction Victor
Battle for Desert Outpost 3~1414679667 L-XVIII-1993 Word Bearers Loyalist

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