Battle for Kenuc

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Battle for Kenuc

Honour Badge:


No information

Aminiran Ribbon of Service

Campaign Detail

Date Commenced: 088.010.M31
Date Concluded:
Outcome: Ongoing
Sub-Sector: Appalachius Scar
System: Kenuc System
Location: Kenuc Alpha, Kenuc Beta

Forces involved in the Campaign:

Loyalists Involved In The Conflict

The Nemesis Wardens


28th company "Line Breakers"

Traitors Involved In The Conflict

Walkers of the Black Spiral


Tempestas Bellum

The Cyan Serpent

Campaign Summary

Baatle for Kenuc system started on Kenuc Alpha, with several skirmish around a manufactorium, that process a crystals. Several Legions have stop at various times to collect cargo from several sites from Kenuc system.

Battle Reports

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Battle Name Date Location Battle Outcome Battle Summary
Battle for Kenuc~1545659939 956.010.M31 Kenuc Alpha Traitor

The nobel house of Kenuc Alpha hold relics from the past the search is on for them. The sons of Horus freed from supporting the World Eaters have been tasked with making sure these relics do not ..→

Battle for Kenuc~Denial at Kenuc Beta 151.010.M31 Kenuc Beta Loyalist Victory

Battle report: Denial at Kenuc Beta Location: Kenuc Beta

Report received of The Alpha Legion seizing control of a mining outpost on Kenuc Beta. The Warhound battalion, under special command of ..→

Battle for Kenuc~Echoes of Destruction 956.010.M31 Kenuc Alpha Traitor Victory

The desperate pleas from the survivors of the hive of Kenuc Alpha brought a swift response from the Sons of Horus, the Alpha Legion, the taghmata of Ryza, the Blood Angels and the Imperial Fists. ..→

Battle for Kenuc~Raid on K'chun manufacturing facility 088.010.M31 Kenuc Alpha Loyalist

Dark Angels Company "Walkers of the Black Spiral" (L-I-3539) vs. T-CUST-6140 custodes of Nemesis Wardens part of Nemesis Strike group. The Angels had arrived and secured a R&D station on Kenuc ..→

Kenuc Alpha K'Chun mines and ore processing 285.010.M31 Kenuc Alpha Traitor Victory

Major engagement at House K'Chun mines and processing facilities.

As more forces from both sides of conflict are drawn in to the Kenuc system, the battles seems to rage at key points controlled by ..→

Skirmish Reports

Skirmish Designation Victor Opponent Outcome
Battle for Kenuc~Raid on K'chun manufacturing facility~1518665467 T-CUST-6140 L-XII-0595
Battle for Kenuc~Raid on K'chun manufacturing facility~1519565738 L-XVI-5572 L-VII-1551

Campaign Pictures