Baylonian Insurrection~Act 1

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Battle Details

Type: Battle
Date: 139.008.M31
Sub-Sector:Centrumeh Sub-Sector
System: Oteal System
Planet: System Wide
Victor: Loyalist
Influence: 5


Loyalists Involved In The Conflict









Traitors Involved In The Conflict








Battle Summary

With the recall of all Imperial forces to the Trugoy System leaving the Oteal system largely defenseless the Governor based on Laigach prepared his forces for invasion from the enemy on two fronts. However the Traitor fleet which had transitioned to the System was not about to take drastic action, unsure of lay of power with the Kazitian Synod posing a far greater threat then the traditional enemy. A number of small exploratory sorties were conducted by both forces but neither were prepared to commit to large engagement while a third force lay waiting and entrenched.

This impasse quickly dissolved with the massive Loyalist victory at Trugoy, rebuffing the Traitors siege on the system and forcing their fleet to scatter and attempt to regroup while searching for a new base of operations. With an undamaged and rested force represented in the Oteal System, it appears that the Traitors may have decided to attempt to make Oteal that base. Shortly after the bulk of the Traitor fleet left Trugoy, their comrades attacked the Imperial presence on the fortified moon of Larza orbiting Laigach. Without Imperial support, the governor had little chance of repelling the attackers and within days his garrisons on the moon had fallen.

The arrival of a combined Loyalist fleet however prevented the Traitors from being able to capitalise on the attack forcing them to await their own reinforcements before engaging the enemy; this wait was not long. The military build up in the system grew quickly and eager to establish themselves in the System, the Traitors maneuvered their fleet to launch an assault on the fortress world of Dur-Kazit and the Agri world of Laigach. In response the Loyalists deployed their ships to try establish a foot hold on the Knight world of Kych and contest the Traitors moves against the fortress world.

Boosted by their recent victory in the Trugoy theater the Loyalist forces struck hard against the Traitor forces, repelling them from their invasion against the former Governors palace and even disrupting their invasion of Dur-Kazit, all the while securing a number of significant territories on Kych. Establishing their Head Quarters at the Knight Citadel on Kych, the Loyalists momentum continued albeit somewhat slower. The Traitors consolidated their forces at the Northern fortress on Dur-Kazit and rerouted their fleet to commence an attack against the Forge World of Baylon and the root of the Insurrection, the Loyalists again countering to slow their advance onto the world.

While immensely costly, the Loyalist managed to maintain their holding on Dur-Kazit as the Traitors strengthened their grip on the world, a task sure to be more difficult as the fleets moved on and severed the Loyalist supply lines to the isolated Garrison. Their own focus, Kych, quickly came under Loyalist control, commandeering the worlds Knights Houses and securing the planets orbital lanes, all the while gaining small foot hold on Baylon. The Kazitian Synod, however, was not prepared to hand over their forges lightly, with a number of entrenched Garrisons resisting both Traitor and Loyalist attempts at control leaving the invaders with precarious presence on the hostile world.

Reports from the field

The Ghost of Baylonnia

The dawn of the 30th millennium was a grim and dark place, full of horrors and tragedy, none more tragic than the betrayal of friends and brothers alike. The Oteal System is a turbulent system of planets which came into the Imperium with great reservations. Originally Kych and the former twin Cipaar planets contained the primary inhabitants under the protection of a series of Knight Clans who ruled over vast city states. At some point well before the Great Crusade set out from Terra, a Mechanicum exploratory fleet arrived in the system and established itself on the mineral rich world of Baylon. The Lord Governor has sent out a distress call, and the traitors have answered.

The dawn of the baylonnian insurrection began as a flash of light, the Warmasters fleets, thought to be coming in aid were in fact, coming to destroy. Upon entering the system, their forward sections moved straight for the imperial palace, the seat of the lord governor on the moon of Baylonnia. Signalling they were Legion Astartes vessels, the lord governor lowered the shields and deactivated the forward defence arrays, the streets were lined with soldiers and the local populace alike, all arms raised to the heavens in praise for their supposed saviour.. all of which ended in a flash of light.

The seat of the governor was destroyed, his forces scattered and without leadership the world fell to the scythe of the Warmaster, this wasn’t a conquest however, it was annihilation.

----Vox transmission begin----
----Connection secured----
----Code gamma 2----
The Governors Palace has fallen, all Baylonnian PDF to begin muster to Kytch for immediate support and bolstering of Lunar Wolves loyalist sections. 
Repel the invaders! For duty, honour and for Baylonnia. 
----End transmission----

“Send the 1st and 2nd cohorts to support the Lunar Wolves” came the bark of Captain Krakkairis as he slammed the vox units receiver down, "our job is to protect this city from those bastard heretics, and protect it we will!" he yelled to no one in particular.

"Captain. The 1st and 2nd are ready for take-off. With what men do you intend to defend this city with?"

‘with the 13th of-course’

‘Forgive me sir, just the 13th, they are untried?’

‘The first and second are all we have left other than the 13th, and they are the only experienced troops we have left under my command here on Dur-Kazit, trooper.. the 13th will hold the line, of that make no mistake’.

2 weeks later

The shelling on fortress city Secundus Minor had been going on for days, the heretics under the command of a vicious warlord by the name of Mordecai Jhinter had pounded the 13th cohorts men into a stalemate that had produced a no-mans land section of only 2 streets that separated the forces, sniper fire and mortar shelling could be heard on and off and the staccato of solidshot rounds permeated the air almost constantly, moral was low and the loyalist forces had been brutally savaged thus far.

A final push was underway by the heretic forces to consolidate their hold over the planet, the only thing standing in their way were the remaining forces of the 13th, and the tactical guile of Captain Krakkairis. Little did Krakkairis know, the 13th were the last of the Baylonnian forces left alive in the system..

Command outpost nuncio, current outpost of Capt. Krakkairis’ forces

“captn’, we’ve had word there is movement in the enemy camp, the scouts report seeing the warlord himself in full battlegear!”

“Good work soldier, tell the men to ready and bring my my vox operator now!”

With a frown creasing his brow Capt. Krakkairis looked up from his tactical map, the final push was about to begin, and for them to survive, the traps set by Captain ‘Kraken’ Krakkairis would have to work perfectly, for if this city was overrun, the planet would fall to traitor control.

“With one last look at his battleplan, the Kraken dialled in his last hope, “eagle-one, we are a go, ready the birds and await our signal”

“Keep your eyes on the sky capt. Duty and honour” came eagle-one response.

“Duty and honour” replied the Captain as he belted on his sword and donned his cap.

The Battle for Baylonnia

The streets were shrouded in a thick fog, much of the streets were so heavily covered in fog that it effectively eliminated all chance of sniper fire. A drum beat began in the distance, followed by the slow chanting of the heretic forces, a buzz permeated the air like the chatter of a thousand cicadas, the noise gradually rose to a crescendo, the drum beat hard and fast and the chanting became frenzied and erratic reaching a fever pitch within minutes.

“Here they come” muttered the Kraken under his breath; he had arranged his forces to stymie the advance of the enemy. They would have to fight street to street, tooth and nail if they were ever to break the line and gain entry to the rest of the city. Spread across the shelled out remains of buildings the Krakens forces had prepared for this push, little did the enemy know however, the Kraken isn’t a man to sit and wait.

“Tank divisions, begin your advance” – Krakkairis

“Aye Captn, Duty and honour”… “FIRE!!”

Shells flew towards the forward positions of the heretics, they had entrenched themselves well and the first salvos took little toll, the heretics wasted no time and flew over the trench walls, their chants having turned them frenzied they charged the lines of the loyalist militia. The final battle for the fortress city of secundus minor had begun. The initial charge was furious, but the Kraken had prepared for this, forward gun positions opened up and scythed down rank upon rank of heretic soldiers, it only stirred them into more of a frenzy, boldly charging across no-mans land towards the Baylonnian PDF lines.

The leman russ battle tank Patriach rolled down the main avenue facing the traitor lines, the traitors in seeing this send salvo upon salvo of krak missile shells plowing into its frontal armour, the gunner tried to draw a bead but the salvos destruction was too heavy and the shell went wide, blowing a section out of a nearby ruin and raining debris onto the awaiting ogryn hiding inside.Further south the demolisher tank ‘Pax Mortis’ opened fire from its hidden position, the demolisher shell plowed into the charging traitors and reaped a great toll but even it could no slow their advance!

Surviving the initial shock of the tank advance, the traitors’ rapier guns opened up upon the PDF forces skirting the hab block, four soldiers were mown down in a fusillade of multilaser fire forcing the survivors to run for cover amongst the ruins, their sneak attack ploy had failed and they would pay dearly for it. The chant of Mordecai Jhinter permeated the air, the enemy commander had come. Surrounded by his most loyal bodyguards he marched straight at the PDF command post, he would have the Krakens head if the day went his way.

North of the battle, the ogryns (who were still hidden amongst the ruins) decided to begin their advance, they moved as shadows and crept across the streets, weaving in and out of ruins, determinedly advancing to outflank the PDF who only minutes earlier had thought themselves the saboteurs and paid the price of being spotted. Zeroing in on their position the orgyns crept closer, their power axes at the ready.

“Eagle-one coming in, Captn’ we are in position”

“Eagle-one, green light, coordinate attacks on enemy forces situated in the north eastern quadrant, bring down those missile batteries now!” replied the Kraken, the vox of all PDF soldiers chirped but one clear and distinct message came through

“Eagle-one beginning attacks run now, look to the skies boys!”

The Patriarch was coming under heavy fire, the krak missiles had taken their toll and the engine bay was damaged, the machine spirit inside still eager to continue the fight. The sound inside the tank was deafening, the shelling drowning out any and all outside noise, the damage to the hull was starting to show and the tank crew were silently saying their prayers as all of a sudden the noise stopped. Eagle-one zoomed into the battlefield, already tracking their targets from high altitude. Situated on-top of a building in the north eastern quadrant the traitor missile batteries thought they were safe, the fog too thick for any effective targeting of them from below. As they continued to rain fire onto the Patriarch below, they failed to notice the skies, and it was to be their doom. Las-cannon fire rained down upon them, easily penetrating the gun batteries armour and scything down their operators.

Patriarch your road is clear, good hunting” came the vox communicae from Eagle-one

“Good shooting Eagle-one, you saved our skins there” came the vox reply. “Now let’s get hunting!” said the commander of the Patriarch.

Surveying the battlefield, the Kraken was pleased, his forces were holding their lines, and repelling the traitor forces when hellish screams came through from the vox “ARRRGHHHHHH, Captain! CAPTAIN! The left flank is gone, they came out of –" the communication became a cacophony of screams and the hellish sounds of men dying in great numbers. Krakkairis listened on in horror, the vox operator went to turn it off but he wasn’t motioned away by Krakkairis “no, we will not shut out their horror and pain, they died under my command, and I will not leave them in their final moments”.

Sargeant Gandriel who was holding the line directly outside of the command compound heard the final moments of his best friend through the vox, his blood boiled and he lost control of his senses, ‘FOR BAYLOAAANNIIIAAAA!” he cried, charging out into no-mans land, his only aim was to come to quarters with the traitors who had just killed his friend. As he charged out, wildly firing his pistol at the enemy, the rest of his squad, loyal to their sergeant to a man charged out behind him, defying their senior commanders’ orders to hold the line. Now the way was clear for Mordecai Jhinter and his bodyguard to assault the command compound directly with little to no resistance.

The traitor sergeant smiled, “Who was this man, so bold to charge me?” he thought to himself, little did Srg Gandriel know, he was charging headfirst into one of the traitors very own swordsmasters.

“Fight me you coward!” yelled Srg Gadriel, the traitor sergeant smiled and drew his blade and awaited Srg Gandriel.

Stalking closer to each other, Gandriel tried to get this mans measure, but he could not read this traitor sergeant, he showed no signs of fear, worry or even anger.. no, he was calm, unnaturally calm for someone in the middle of a warzone. Gadriel charged in, a quick exchange of blades was had, leaving neither warrior scathed.. “you fight well.. for a guardsman” said the traitor with a sneer..

“You killed my friend you bastard” muttered Gadriel who charged in for another bout, another exchange of blades but this time Gadriel was wounded, brought low by the blade of a traitor. His squad watched on in horror as he was promptly executed by the traitor.

“For Baylonnia!” they yelled as one and charged the traitors, a brutal melee ensued but numbers won in the end and the revenge for their Sargeants death was had.

The fighting continued along the lines, the enemy warlord was marching closer and closer to the PDF command bunker, their zealot warriors had been mown down but the real warriors were still coming. Mordecai Jhinter marched through the ruins of a nearby building, only one street now separated him and the Kraken, he knew that with the Krakens demise, and the rest of the PDF forces would crumble. The battle thus far had not been going his way, the Krakens ploys and tricks had taken a heavy toll on his forces but his troops would not fall back whilst he still stood, their fear of his wroth was well known and any soldier found deserting was quickly made an example of. As the warlord marched through the ruins, his sights firmly fixed upon the command bunker his bodyguards marshalled behind him, awaiting the command to storm the compound and deliver death upon the PDF soldiers standing in their way of planetary domination.

All of a sudden krak shots could be heard, thunk.. thunk thunk.. Bodies started to fall around the (INSERT WARLORD NAME), his bodyguards were being picked off by the Krakens own squad, and then the slow rumble of a engine could be heard.. before he could even turn the Pax Mortis rounded the corner and delivered a shell straight into his most trusted soldiers ranks, like chaff they were blown apart, thrown into the air, the warlords world turned upside down. With a thump he quickly came back to terra firma, dazed and laying in a crater surrounded by the bodies of his fallen guard, he knew he had been thwarted this day, quickly coming to his senses he crawled further into the ruins, he knew his only mission was to live and fight another day.

“Commander, it appears the enemy forces are in retreat” The Krakens vox operator reported “word is coming in across the section, the enemy are in full retreat, nothing has been heard from the 1st platoon in the northern quadrant since their vox went dead an hour ago”

“Hmm, it does appear so, send a medicae attachment with a 10 strong squad to recover what remains of our fallen comrades in the north.. the died protecting the line and will be honour-“


An earth shattering explosion occurs directly in front of the compound, parts of leman russ are sent whizzing through the air and secondary explosions start going off, rounds popping and fizzing as their cells overheated from the explosion.

“Sargeant, find out what happened!” barked the Kraken

“Sir, yes sir” replied the sergeant and promptly ran off in the direction of the remains of Pax Mortis.

Only moments earlier

Mordecai Jhinter was ashamed of his forces, seeing his bodyguard decimated and him throw through the air, the rest of his forces had thought he was dead also and promptly turned and fled. “Cowards” he muttered under his breath, spitting a globule of blood and bits of teeth into the dust. The slow rumble of ‘Pax Mortis’ could be heard, it was tracking its gun back and forth in search of any targets, unknowing that the greatest threat of all was laying not more than a meter away.

Slowly Jhinter began to inch his way forwards, careful not to make too much movement to alert attention.. eventually he got to the underside of the tank and slipped out a melta charge from its casing in his armour, “here’s a little payback for you, you bastard” he whispered attaching the melta charge.

As the sergeant arrived at the scene of the explosion, no trace of Jhinter was to be found, it was as if he had vanished into thin air... escaping to fight another day. The battle for fortress city Secundus Minor was done, its streets were obliterated and littered with the dead, traitor and loyalist alike. Although the loyalists stood proud this day, the losses were heavy, far heavier than Captain Krakkairis would know until word from the medicae wing reached him of news from some survivors.

As Krakkairis entered the medicae wing the entire room went silent, it was then that Captain Krakkairis knew something bad had happened.. he walked briskly over to where the huddle of men was at its thickest, scores of men surrounding two newcomers, not of the 13thcohort.

“Soldiers, report!” Krakkairis barked, “What are you doing here and where is your commanding officer?”

“Sargeant Polonnius of the 1st sir. We were with the 1st at Kych sir, they are dead.. all dead sir.. we only just managed to get out alive sir, we dragged the commander back here but…” Pollonius motioned to the bed with a shroud covering a body.

“Captain Gyzard sir, he fell in battle, we brought his body and the standard home.”

“Gyzard is dead?” disbelief written on the face of the Kraken. “How?”

“Sir” said Pollonius “It was all an ambush, the communicate weeks back asking for support.. a traitor plot, we were ambushed as we made contact with our Lunar Wolves counterparts.. the Alpha Legion sir, they were all around us, we never stood a chance.. they wiped half of us out with a glaive before we even knew what was happening”.

The room went silent, so silent that one could hear a pindrop.. news had been slowly coming in of reports that the Govenors palace had been destroyed. The Governor dead and now Captain Gyzard. The remaining hierarchy were killed in the initial bombardment, the only one left of the Baylonnian PDF were those men under the Krakens command now. Captain Krakkairis surveyed his men, his eyes roving the room, each man had the look of determination and zeal reflected back at him.

“Sir” said Pollonius “with all the other commanders dead or missing.. sir, you are all that’s left.. my lord”

“Lord Krakkairis” yelled the other men, ” hail Lord Kraken Krakkairis, defender of Dur-Kazit!”

He eyed his men steely. He gazed into each of their eyes one by one and saw what he needed to defend this system, the Oteal system from the traitors. With these soldiers he would defend these worlds until his last breath.

“This day we lost many lives, too many, we fought with duty and honour, as our emperor demands of us, we delivered, but from this day forward, we are the ghosts of Baylonnia. DUTY AND HONOUR” he bellowed.


The Turning of Wolves

"I'm sorry. My forces have failed us." said Fleet Commander Garon Berr to the Loyalist Council of War. His Terminator armour was badly damaged, having sustained heavy damage throughout the battles of the opening of the campaign. "My forces have been heavily depleted, and I have lost many territories that we could have gained. Forgive me, Commanders." He looked into the eyes of the other Loyalist leaders, and was met with disappointment, fury and shock. The once prideful Luna Wolf was begging for forgiveness in not only the eyes of other Astartes, but even Militia and Solar Auxilia commanders. It were times like this he wished Loken was still here. He shut off the communicator to the rest of the fleets commanders, feeling disgraced and ashamed. He could not bear their response.

"We have saved your forces from destruction before, from the hands of the Ultramarines. It is time you pay back your debt. The Warmaster has been captured, and we need reinforcements in the Oteal System. You are to send your forces immediately.You must aid in a cause that you did not begin." the Alpha Legion Praetor said, speaking with a tone of authority. His forces had, as he said, previously saved this independent force from destruction at the hands of the Ultramarines.

The cloaked figure stood from his bow on the visual communicator. "Nothing will stand in our way. We will finish, what the War Master started." he said in an intimidating, almost robotic tone. He shut off the communicator, and removed his cloak, revealing the visage of Kyros V'Ren's mask, the Dark Lord, Leader of the New Order and living embodiment of the Two. The door behind him in the small room opened.

"You requested me, master." General Keers bowed.

"General, inform our fleet that we are heading to the Oteal System. Our favour has been called upon." Kyros explained.

"Yes, my lord." the General replied, almost systematically.

"Also, there is a large forge world in that system. If we provide the War Master with adequate assistance, he may give us access to the metals they have available, which we can use for the construction of our super weapon. The space station...." the New Order Leader added. Again, the General bowed.

"Anything else, my lord?" the officer asked.

"No General. Carry out my orders." Kyros said, pulling the hood of his cloak back over his mask, and turning away from the General.

"It will be done, my lord." Keers said, turning around and leaving the room.

Kyros activated the small holo-table, looking at the Oteal System. "We will finish, what the War Master started..." he said, quoting himself from a few mere minutes before. He then switched over to another view. The view of the plans for the...super weapon.

Skirmish Reports

Skirmishes Added

Skirmish Designation Victor Defeated Faction Victor
Baylonian Insurrection~Act 1~1456890022 L-VII-7184 I-ARMY-8733 Loyalist
Baylonian Insurrection~Act 1~1456890099 L-XVIII-1182 L-XIV-3076 Loyalist
Baylonian Insurrection~Act 1~1456890146 L-XVII-5831 L-XIII-8435 Traitor
Baylonian Insurrection~Act 1~1456890187 L-I-5246 L-XII-3140 Loyalist
Baylonian Insurrection~Act 1~1456890236 L-VII-8344 I-ARMY-4140 Loyalist
Baylonian Insurrection~Act 1~1456890280 Q-KNT-2151 L-VIII-0381 Loyalist
Baylonian Insurrection~Act 1~1456890323 L-XX-3187 L-XVI-0465 Traitor
Baylonian Insurrection~Act 1~1456890376 L-XX-3187 I-ARMY-3090 Traitor
Baylonian Insurrection~Act 1~1456890417 I-ARMY-3090 I-ARMY-4140 Loyalist
Baylonian Insurrection~Act 1~1456890455 Q-KNT-2151 L-XIV-3076 Loyalist
Baylonian Insurrection~Act 1~1456890496 L-XVIII-1182 L-VIII-0381 Draw
Baylonian Insurrection~Act 1~1456890543 L-VII-8344 L-XII-3140 Loyalist
Baylonian Insurrection~Act 1~1456890608 L-XX-3187 L-XIII-8435 Traitor
Baylonian Insurrection~Act 1~1456890647 L-XVII-5831 L-I-5246 Traitor
Baylonian Insurrection~Act 1~1456890689 L-XVII-5831 L-VII-7184 Traitor
Baylonian Insurrection~Act 1~1456890733 I-ARMY-8733 L-XVI-0465 Traitor

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