Baylonian Insurrection~Act 2

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Baylonian Insurrection Campaign Badge.png

Battle Details

Type: Battle
Date: 158.008.M31
Sub-Sector:Centrumeh Sub-Sector
System: Oteal System
Planet: System Wide
Victor: Traitor
Influence: 5


Loyalists Involved In The Conflict










Traitors Involved In The Conflict












Battle Summary

Using their holdings on Dur-Kazit as a staging point the Traitors were the first to strike out in a renewed attempt to seize territory after a brief respite fractured by sporadic strike force engagements. Rather then consolidating then hold on the former Fortress world the Warmasters armies instead marched on other worlds, sending invasion fleets to Baylon, Laigach and even to Kych, the Loyalists stronghold. The Loyalist response was swift, their fleets already inbound to the same targets with secondary forces while striking out at Dur-Kazit itself with their primary strength in the hope of finding the Traitors garrisons under strength.

Although the Traitors had the upper hand in striking first, their forces were actually weakened by the extra garrison they had prepared on Dur-Kazit in anticipation of a Loyalist counter attack. So while this resulted in their defeat on most of their off world strikes, the attacks launched against their holdings on the Fortress world were easily rebuffed and even allowed them to expand their territories, tightening the grip on the world. With the bulk of the Loyalists forces directed at Dur-Kazit as well, this left them open for follow up assaults which the Warmasters forces took full advantage of; securing a small foothold on Laigach and Kych but yielding even more territory on the Forge world of Baylon.

Reports from the field

Fleet Commander Garon Berr coughed up blood as he lay on the abandoned battlefield, the Ultramarine’s having forced his army to retreat. He saw in the distance a Space Marine wearing the markings of a Luna Wolf approaching him. As the Astartes walked closer Garon could make out that it was his second in command, Captain Harius.

“Harius…” Garon spluttered. “Why would they attack us… we left them, the Sons of Horus…” he added. Harius remained silent for a moment, before leveling his Volkite Charger at Garon’s head.

“You betrayed our Primarch, that is treachery above all else. You stood by as those men dragged him away in chains… so I contacted Abbadon. I promised him our forces, and we have joined the true cause- well, I have. So have your brothers. I’m sorry sir, it’s time for you to leave.” Harius explained. “You truly have lost your way, to not see the treachery brewing right under your nose.” He added. Garon spat at Harius boots.

“Kill me then. Cement your loyalty with your ‘Warmaster’.” Was all he said. He then closed his eyes, and drew his last breath. Harius lowered his Volkite to where Garon’s hearts were, and fired.


Harius looked as the Traitor war council discussed the battles that occurred over the last few days.

“You promised us results. You betray your loyalist allies, but then bring nothing to the table to aid us? Explain to us why we should not destroy your fleet, or better yet, capture you and hand you over to the loyalists you once served?” a Word Bearer Praetor said.

“Yes, you barely aided us at all when we fought together.” Inputted a Night Lord commander.

“I promise you, fellow warriors, that I will capture territories, I will be of more use.” Harius pleaded. One of his Astartes contacted him over the vox.

“Sir, there are-“ the Marine began, only to be cut off my Harius.

“I’m busy. Do not disturb me again.” Harius looked toward the Council again. “Forgive me, commanders. As I said, this failure will not become a habit-“ he was cut off by the snap-hiss of some unseen weapon, which entered through his back and emerged through his chest. The crimson colored energy weapon retracted from his torso, cauterizing the wound immediately.

“Fortunately, we will not have too deal with your failure becoming a habit anymore.” Came the deep, metallic voice. Harius collapsed to his knees, and turned his head to see a black robed human, with a cloak covering most of his head. The warrior then spun around, decapitating the Son of Horus with one swift motion.

“I am at your service, my lords.” The man said, kneeling. “I am Kyros V’Ren, founder and leader of the New Order. The Warmaster’s forces, the Alpha Legion to be exact, saved my forces and thus, I am in his debt. This is why I am here.” Kyros explained, rising from his kneel. The projected forms of the Astarte leaders looked impressed.

“I hope you provide more useful than your predecessor.” An Iron Warrior said, motioning to Harius’s decapitated body.

“I will be, my lords.” He responded. The door behind him opened, and a Storm Warrior walked in, and bowed.

“Lord V’Ren, sir, forgive my interruption. We have wiped out the small resistance aboard the Astartes craft. Their few ships are ours, my lord.” The Storm Warrior reported.

“Very good Commander Appo. Spread our crews, Warriors and Vehicles between our fleet and theirs, and we will absorb their ships into our fleet.” V’Ren ordered the Commander. Commander Appo bowed, and left the room. Kyros then looked back to the projected Astartes commanders.

“My lords, have I not already done better than my Marine predecessor? Did he wipe out an entire force and capture an entire, albeit small, fleet?” Kyros queried.

“Yes, but our standards are high, we will expect results.” A Son of Horus informed the New Order leader.

“I will not disappoint you, my masters.” Kyros stated.

“I should certainly hope not.” The Word Bearer said. Kyros then shut off the vox network, and the audio and visual projection ended.

Skirmish Reports

Skirmishes Added

Skirmish Designation Victor Defeated Faction Victor
Baylonian Insurrection~Act 2~1461207559 L-XVII-5831 L-XVIII-1182 Traitor
Baylonian Insurrection~Act 2~1461209748 L-X-4508 L-III-4193 Loyalist
Baylonian Insurrection~Act 2~1461209815 L-VIII-0381 L-VII-1925 Traitor
Baylonian Insurrection~Act 2~1461209856 L-IX-3683 L-VIII-3108 Loyalist
Baylonian Insurrection~Act 2~1461209918 L-X-2594 L-XVIII-2139 Traitor
Baylonian Insurrection~Act 2~1461209964 L-XIX-1024 I-ARMY-4140 Loyalist
Baylonian Insurrection~Act 2~1461210045 L-XIII-5386 L-XVI-0465 Loyalist
Baylonian Insurrection~Act 2~1461210088 L-XIV-6515 L-VII-7184 Traitor
Baylonian Insurrection~Act 2~1461210136 Q-KNT-2151 A-MECH-3341 Loyalist
Baylonian Insurrection~Act 2~1461210179 L-XX-3187 L-X-4135 Traitor
Baylonian Insurrection~Act 2~1461210233 L-XII-1974 L-XIX-1989 Traitor
Baylonian Insurrection~Act 2~1461210272 L-XIV-6515 Q-KNT-2151 Traitor
Baylonian Insurrection~Act 2~1461210312 L-XIV-6515 L-IX-3683 Traitor
Baylonian Insurrection~Act 2~1461210354 L-X-2594 Q-KNT-2151 Traitor
Baylonian Insurrection~Act 2~1461210408 L-X-2594 L-IX-3683 Traitor
Baylonian Insurrection~Act 2~1461210469 L-VIII-0381 L-X-4508 Traitor
Baylonian Insurrection~Act 2~1461210657 L-VIII-0381 L-VII-1925 Traitor
Baylonian Insurrection~Act 2~1461210702 L-XVII-5831 L-X-4508 Traitor
Baylonian Insurrection~Act 2~1461210735 L-VII-7184 L-XVI-0465 Loyalist
Baylonian Insurrection~Act 2~1461210774 L-VII-7184 L-VIII-3108 Loyalist
Baylonian Insurrection~Act 2~1461210806 L-XIX-1024 L-VIII-0381 Loyalist
Baylonian Insurrection~Act 2~1461210842 L-XIX-1024 L-VIII-3108 Loyalist
Baylonian Insurrection~Act 2~1461210883 L-III-4193 L-XVIII-1182 Traitor
Baylonian Insurrection~Act 2~1461210928 L-III-4193 L-XIX-1989 Traitor
Baylonian Insurrection~Act 2~1461210961 L-XX-3187 L-XVIII-1182 Traitor
Baylonian Insurrection~Act 2~1461211004 L-XX-3187 L-XIX-1989 Traitor
Baylonian Insurrection~Act 2~1461211033 A-MECH-3341 L-XVIII-2139 Traitor
Baylonian Insurrection~Act 2~1461211073 A-MECH-3341 L-XIII-5386 Traitor
Baylonian Insurrection~Act 2~1461211107 I-ARMY-4140 L-XVIII-2139 Traitor
Baylonian Insurrection~Act 2~1461211141 I-ARMY-4140 L-XIII-5386 Traitor
Baylonian Insurrection~Act 2~1461211177 L-XII-1974 L-X-4135 Traitor
Baylonian Insurrection~Act 2~1461211213 L-VIII-3108 L-VII-7184 Traitor
Baylonian Insurrection~Act 2~1461211248 L-VII-1925 L-III-4193 Loyalist
Baylonian Insurrection~Act 2~1461211310 L-XVIII-1182 L-XVI-0465 Loyalist

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