Baylonian Insurrection~Act 3

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Baylonian Insurrection Campaign Badge.png

Battle Details

Type: Battle
Date: 216.008.M31
Sub-Sector:Centrumeh Sub-Sector
System: Oteal System
Planet: System Wide
Victor: Traitor
Influence: 5


Loyalists Involved In The Conflict








Traitors Involved In The Conflict







Battle Summary

Maintaining the momentum from their advances in the previous stage of the Campaign the Traitors fleet secured the naval lane between Dur-Kazit and Laigach while the Loyalists continued to orbit their control point around the planet Kych. Both forces continued to harass each others base of operations, but failed to dislodge one another; the Loyalist command having pressed the planets Knight Houses into service to assist in the defense of the world and the Traitors growing garrisons on Dur-Kazit simply too vast to overcome with the limited sorties thrown at them.

With their invasions split amongst a number of targets and defending numerous strikes, only a limited number of new territories fell with the Warmasters forces seizing ground on the planet of Laigach while reinforcing their holding on the former Imperial governors palace located on the orbiting moon and the Loyalists expanding their hold on the forgeworld Baylon, fighting off both the Traitors and the rebellious synod who started the conflict. The continued assaults against their holding on Kych however began to wear the Loyalists down, having to recall forces from other planets, they could no longer effectively contest the Traitors expansion on the Fortress World and as the closing stages of this phase of the campaign closed, the mighty orbital defenses of Dur-Kazit, long dormant, began powering up.

The war to dislodge the enemy from such a fortified position has only just begun.

Skirmish Reports

Skirmishes Added

Skirmish Designation Victor Defeated Faction Victor
Baylonian Insurrection~Act 3~1458531950 L-VII-8344 L-XXXX-1979 Loyalist
Baylonian Insurrection~Act 3~1458531995 L-IV-4190 L-VII-7184 Traitor
Baylonian Insurrection~Act 3~1458532039 L-XX-0913 L-XVIII-1182 Traitor
Baylonian Insurrection~Act 3~1458532090 L-XII-3140 L-XIX-1024 Traitor
Baylonian Insurrection~Act 3~1458532170 L-I-5246 L-XVI-0465 Loyalist
Baylonian Insurrection~Act 3~1458532223 L-XX-3187 L-VII-1925 Traitor
Baylonian Insurrection~Act 3~1458532282 L-XX-3187 L-VII-8344 Traitor
Baylonian Insurrection~Act 3~1458532327 L-XXXX-1979 L-XVIII-1182 Traitor
Baylonian Insurrection~Act 3~1458532377 Q-KNT-2151 L-XII-3140 Loyalist
Baylonian Insurrection~Act 3~1458532428 L-VII-7184 L-XVI-0465 Loyalist
Baylonian Insurrection~Act 3~1458532474 L-XIX-1024 L-XVI-0465 Loyalist
Baylonian Insurrection~Act 3~1458532517 L-XX-0913 L-VII-1925 Traitor
Baylonian Insurrection~Act 3~1458532572 L-IV-4190 L-I-5246 Traitor

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