Baylonian Insurrection~Zone Mortalis Operation 18

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Battle Details

Type: Battle
Date: 464.008.M31
Sub-Sector:Centrumeh Sub-Sector
System: Oteal System
Planet: Oteal Zone Mortalis
Victor: Traitor
Influence: 5


A random augury scan of the dense asteroid belt surrounding Cipaar has shown that some of the larger debris actually contain remnants of production facilities that would have been located deep underground before the planet was destroyed. These complexes may contain valuable resources for the war efforts and it is essential that they be reclaimed for your own forces, or at the very least denied to the enemy.

Operation Type

Relic Hunt

Operation Target

Loyalist: 0 out of 5 Victory Points

Traitor: 5 out of 5 Victory Points

Faction Roles

Loyalists - Attacker

Traitors - Attacker

Operation Deadline

541.008M31 (16 July 2016)

Rewards of Success

The first Faction to accumulate 5 Victory Points has managed to locate and secure a weapons cache in one of the asteroids. A single Warlord at ACT 8 may be assigned a Relic for free, the Warlord must be one of the participating Zone Mortalis players unless there are none attending.

Faction gains 1 SVP


Loyalists Involved In The Conflict






Traitors Involved In The Conflict




Battle Summary

A Relic Hunt Operation on the destroyed remains of Cipaar (Yahrum).

Spearheaded by an allied Night Lords and Alpha Legion assault the Traitors strike teams decimated the unprepared Loyalist exploration forces, punching through their lines and deep into the destroyed facility before any significant resistance could be mounted. By the time the forces of the Emperor could be brought to bare the enemy was gone, along with treasures that may have been left in the remains of the facility.

Skirmish Reports

Skirmishes Added

Skirmish Designation Victor Defeated Faction Victor
Baylonian Insurrection~Zone Mortalis Operation 18~1466977805 L-XX-0913 I-ARMY-1137 Traitor
Baylonian Insurrection~Zone Mortalis Operation 18~1466977866 L-XX-0913 I-ARMY-4927 Traitor
Baylonian Insurrection~Zone Mortalis Operation 18~1466978017 L-XX-3187 I-ARMY-4927 Traitor
Baylonian Insurrection~Zone Mortalis Operation 18~1466978090 L-VIII-0381 L-XIX-1024 Traitor
Baylonian Insurrection~Zone Mortalis Operation 18~1466978136 L-VIII-0381 I-ARMY-4140 Draw
Baylonian Insurrection~Zone Mortalis Operation 18~1467321100 L-VIII-0381 L-X-4508 Traitor
Baylonian Insurrection~Zone Mortalis Operation 18~1467321151 L-VIII-0381 I-ARMY-4140 Traitor

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Battle Pictures


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