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Type Standard ocean

Mass 3.01 x 924 kg

Density 4.89 g/cm3

Composition 30.3% oxygen, 29.2% iron, 22.1% silicon, 15.5% aluminum, 0.9% other metals, trace other elements


Gravity 7.06 m/s2

Escape Velocity 8.38 km/s

Rotation Period 48.93 hours

Axis Tilt 9.91 °


Type Standard breathable

Pressure 186.08 kPa

Composition 80.1% argon, 19.9% oxygen, trace other gases

Although not always so, Beyaan has in recent millenia become largely an ocean world with the majority of the population retreating onto the remaining islands scattered across the planets watery surface. As the natural flooding occured, the newly reclaimed land became areas of rich aquatic life both plant and animal.


Approximately 40 Million people making up the planets unified population across multiple continents


For an exceptional low tech world Beyaan has the unlikely history of being a unified planet for many centuries. Largely Agrarian in nature, the planets ruling aristocracy has been its format for the record history of its existence, maintaining a relatively peaceful empire with minor internal skirmishes but never major splintering of the society at large. Normally such societies would either collapse from internal conflict or stabilise and progress onto more productive levels of civilisation, however Beyaan is an exception.

This may be due to its highly convoluted and inefficient method of government. Rather than a single ruling family, the aristocracy instead elects a single new born female from amongst the vast array of families within its ranks upon the death of its Monarch. This heir is then groomed by the various families and the previously elected Heiress (who has now been crowned Queen) to become the next regent. The resulting situation is that the new Queen not only inherits the entire planet but adopts a new born daughter, nearly always not of her bloodline.

To make matters even more complicated, the coronation process includes the changing of the planets (and socities) name to coincide with that of the newly crowned Queen! New coins are minted, organisation names are changed, livery redesigned, heraldry modified; all on a global scale every generation. A huge portion of the world GDP is dedicated towards the regular coronation and subsequent changes associated, a short reign can produce strains on the economy while multiple short reigns can result in global recessions!

Completely unsuitable for Imperial use and records, such name changing was immediately forbidden upon Compliance, and while the reigning Queen was permitted to continue to rule as planetary governor, the planets name was forever locked as that last Queens name; Beyaan.

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