Cambrius Sub-Sector

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+++Warp jump complete...
...Entering Cambrius Sub-Sector...
Sector Govenor... Cambrius...+++

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Recently reclassified from a Frontier to an Outer Fringe Sub-Sector, Cambrius is a rapidly growing collection of Systems which were a productive network of kingdoms before coming under Imperial rule. While the Compliance for the majority of the Systems were largely without bloodshed, a number of the more elitist factions believed themselves capable of indepedance; their capitals now lie in ruins and many have only just begun to be self sufficient in the last decade.
Being a pivotal location between more well established areas of space the former frontier of the Great Crusade, the Cambrius Sub-Sector benefited greatly from trade and fleet travel, with lucrative contracts to resupply the Expeditionary fleets passing through the area. With the recent onset of the Heresy these trading consortiums have been thrown into dissaray and are scrambling to remain neutral in the conflict to maxmimise profits, something which neither side appreciates.