Castus Tharr

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Rogue Trader, Expeditionary Commander, Sub-Sector Governor

Castus Tharr, the only child of Valise Tharr, was born into the House Tharr Dynasty in the true fashion of a Rogue Trader heir; amidst the stars of the Imperiums frontier. Although considered a fledgling, or Crusade, Dynasty House Tharr quickly established itself as a powerful player in the rapidly expanding Imperium’s Eastern fringe. Tutored by his father from an early age Castus was groomed for leadership and the eventual inheritance of the growing Tharr fortune. This inheritance, however, came sooner than expected with Valise being promoted to planetary governor after a highly successful compliance of a remote human system.

Taking command of the Ascultair and the vast Expeditionary fleet it now led, Castus became the recipient of the Warrant of Trade and its associated mandates. Leveraging ties with his father’s mighty trade empire Tharr began carving out his own name, focusing on military command and conquest rather than trade and commerce, secretly believing that he would inherit that upon his father’s passing anyway.

In an effort to prove himself to the wider Crusade command Tharr threw himself and the forces at his disposal into some of the tougher Sub-Sectors as the Great Crusade expanded. His prowess stood up to his bravado and within the better part of a decade he had accumulated a number of accolades and victories that would take other commanders a lifetime. In recognition the Crusade’s Sector command augmented Castus’ fleet with a significant number of Astartes assets under his command and tasked him the exploration of and compliance of the Helix Cluster, a remote and highly dangerous Sub-Sector as yet unexplored.

Arriving in Savage Reach, Tharr assisted in a number of smaller Compliance actions while the bulk of his fleet refitted at the Savage dockyards before departing the Sub-Sector via the Kildrech System and the newly established Imperial Fists forward base, where they rendezvoused with the smaller Crusade Fleet 1574. Through a harrowing warp journey in which a number of vessels from both fleets were lost, the Imperial forces emerged into the gateway system of the Helix Cluster, a sparse collection of two planets on the edge of a huge spiral nebula known as the Nemesis Spiral.

The primary planet within the System contained a number of large scale human settlements and the society was evidently a hub for within the Sub-Sector between not only other human worlds but many of the Xenos ones as well. With the military might of not one but two Crusade Fleets the world was quickly brought to heal and the Xenos presence purged. Renaming the planet and its System to Corabie, Tharr made the world his base of operations, creating a new capital, Castus Landing, and commenced an extensive series of works both on and off world in preparation for the mapping and conquest the neighbouring Systems.

Shortly after the securing of Corabie though, massive warp storms closed in around the warp route back to Savage Reach and the Imperium at large, isolating the Helix Cluster and leaving Castus in tactical command of the Imperial forces there. Declaring himself not only System Governor but Sub-Sector Governor, Tharr retained control of his own Crusade fleet and its associated Astartes elements while allowing Fleet 1574 to continue on with its original mandate under the conditions that they would pass along any relevant intelligence they gathered.

Although seemingly driven by greed and self-serving purposes Castus remained a loyal servant of the Emperor and ensured that his Warrants mandates were fulfilled and the Imperial Truth enforced amongst the people. While two way communications were impossible, the Rogue Trader come Governor sent regular update reports through a series of one way transmission buoys laid by Fleet 1574.

Loyalty was a trait which he inherited from his father along with ambition and his Warrant.