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Kildrech System


Minor Forge World



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Type Large iron/silicate

Mass 3.92 x 1025 kg

Density 5.52 g/cm3

Composition 41.3% iron, 30.1% oxygen, 13.1% silicon, 10.5% aluminum, 2.8% sodium, 0.8% other metals, 1.4% other elements


Gravity 18.33 m/s2

Escape Velocity 20.91 km/s

Rotation Period 26.57 hours

Axis Tilt 1.07 °


Type Dense corrosive

Pressure 204.77 kPa

Composition 44.2% ammonia, 29.2% argon, 16.4% sulfur dioxide, 10.2% methane, trace other gases

Cerberus is an inhospitable planet; a thin atmosphere, high gravity and multiple toxins as a result of the vast quantities of minerals and ores lacing their way through the planets structure. However it was the latter, which drew the attention of the Tech Priests. Radiation, Toxic atmospheres and little to no vegetation is no deterrent to the Mechanicum when there is a plentiful source of valuable material at hand.


Like most planets ruled by Mars, Cerberus is an alien world to most Imperial citizens. It is rare indeed to hear the sound of a human voice within the catacombs of machines and mines; instead it is filled with the hum of production and the static discourse of the priesthoods binary language. The exact level of population is impossible to tell as the red priests are reluctant to provide such information, even more so since it is a Forge World directly aligned with a Titan Legio.


Originally settled by Mechanicum forces accompanying one of the Compliance vessels commanded by the Imperial Fists before the Horus Heresy, Cerberus became the central manufactorum and forge world for the Imperium and a valuable asset for the Fists base of operations in the Kildrech System. This small outpost which was originally founded by the tech-priests of the Legio Crucius, quickly formed close bonds with the Templars and other VII based in the system and after a formal treaty was formed, the small Mechanicum force became a sub faction known as the Legio Crucius Templari. With the vast supplies of raw materials stored within the planet, Cerberus became a highly efficient, albeit unknown, minor Forge World with extensive underground facilities ranging from ammunition production all the way through to both Warhound and Reaver Titan capabilities. Forge records, however, indicate that only three Titans have been produced to date; two Warhounds (Aquilus Viator & Sicarius Deos) and a Reaver (Furvum Aspis).

Shortly after the formation of the Sub-Legio, the oath bond was extended to include a third party, the Knight House Kildare based on Kildrech itself. This trio, the Imperial Fists Templars, House Kildare and the Legio Crucius Templari, formed a powerful force and quickly established a dominating control over the entire system and extended an influence to neighboring systems, deterring rebellion and Xenos incursions.

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