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If you have the steps to get a System created for your gaming group you will need to populate that system with planets and other locations. While not every location in the System needs to have a detailed page, the locations where you anticipate battle and campaigns to take place should have one so that you can give the players some background information on where the conflicts are occurring. The Planet pages can also be a great place to represent the changes which occur as campaigns progress with cities being destroyed, landmarks erased and other effects while providing a list of all of the Battles and Campaigns which have been fought there.

If this is the first time you have created a planet, you should read the below tutorial first.

Local Planet


This is a brief tutorial on how to use the automated Planet creation tool above, this will ensure that all of the planets and location created are consistent and have all of the required coding included to make the cross referencing reports work correctly. It may be easiest to open a second window and run the creation tool in the second window so that you can reference this guide as you work your way through the creation.

Creating the planet

The creation of the planet page is quite straight forward and is largely automated with a lot of the information already embedded via templates; by entering the locations name in the field above and pressing the Create button it will create a new page called whatever you entered (as long as that name was not already in use), along with a heap of pre populated information.

Once created you will see that the report is split into two specific sections;

Planet Infobox

This is a series of titles which are linked to the infobox that displays on the right hand side of the planet page. Some of these heading are automated and already hidden, but others require some information to be added.


You can use any of the pre-existing location file images (found [[Category:Planet|here) or if you have created a custom image for the location make sure you upload it (this can be done by going here). Simply add the file name after File:


You can add a short description or comments underneath the locations image by entering it here. This could include things like former Imperial training world or Vast ocean world.


If the location belongs to an existing System and Sub-Sector enter the names (with correct capitlisation) in here, otherwise feel free to make up new ones if you have created them already on the site and they can be created latter.


Most of the planets within the 30K/40K universe have a classification from a set listing, feel free to draw from those (can be found ) or make up your own, this field is purely narrative.


This field helps determine some sorting filters and references and classifies locations as Minor or Major, by default all Locations are Minor, however you can change this to Major if your feel it is the pivotal location in the campaign.


Similar to the first image, this is for the display of the planets map or other image associated to the location, a planetary coat of arms, the major city, things like that. Follow the same steps as for the first image.

Planetary Description

This information helps create a mental picture for the location and can also provide some guidance on what sort of world it is, its gravity, atmosphere and inhabitants (or lack thereof). All of this information is for narrative and does not link to data or references, but it does help make the location more believable.


All of this information is normally taken from a brilliant community site found here. Simply keep randomising and creating a world until you get some results that you like and enter the information into the spaces.


Enter the fluff of the location into these section and feel free to add more if you want to, the more the better!