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Welcome to the first step of recording your armies part in the history of the Australis Ultima Sector during the Horus Heresy.

The list of available forces which you can choose from are displayed along the top of the Main Page, simply click on the desired image and you will be taken to the Forces summary page. These pages give a brief summary of the Legio or other Force which you have chosen along with what Battles and Campaigns detachments of that Force has taken part in to date. On the right hand side, in the summary info box, there will be a button; "Create a xxxxx army".

Be sure not to change the pre formatted title (this is your unique Army ID) before pressing the button, which will take you to your Armies tracking page in edit format. While a little confusing the creation page is clearly marked with which sections to populate information in and which section to leave untouched. Work your way through the headings and populate your preferences, below is a summary of the headings you will need to fill out:

Army Name:

This is the less formal name for your army rather than its Army ID. It could be something as simple as 27th Detachment/4th Company or something a lot more related to your forces naming conventions.

Category:Uncompleted Army

Only change this to Category:Completed Army once you have added all of your information and would like your Army to be added to the Army Spotlight page.


Be sure to remove this line all together.


If you have uploaded your own image for your Army like a badge, banner, unique colour scheme, you can change the file name to match so that it will appear on your page. Otherwise you can change it to one of the Legio images which have already been uploaded (i.e Legio III.png) to Category:Force Image. As more alterante paint schemes are designed and high res images are found, the library will be increased.


Unless you wish to label the image which you have selected, this field can be left blank. Sometimes people may like to add notes to the image, like; Crusade Badge of the 2nd Detachment etc


Similar to the Army Name, this is an alternative name which the army can be referred to rather than the more formal Army ID.


Please choose either of the four listed; Loyalist Traitor Undecided Unknown


This is where you armies history and fluff can be documented and is the main section which is where you can store images, sub headings and other bits of information. If you would like to create links to other pages to segment your army page into a larger portal than feel free, if you are unsure how to do this, be sure to refer to the online Tutorials on how to edit mediawiki pages.

Everything after this section should not be modified as it is used to generate your armies summaries whenever they enter into Battles and Campaigns. Once you have completed all of the updates, press the Save Page button and your army will have been created, take note of the Army ID number, this is your armies unique identification number which you will use to lodge reports for! If at any time before pressing save, you decide not to create the army, you can simply close the page and the army will be abandoned, freeing up that ID for future use.