Cytrix Prime

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Cytrix Prime
Hostile mining world & System Capital


Ultima Segmentum


Australis Ultima


Savage Reach


Cytrix System


Mining World






Type Standard iron/silicate

Mass 1.89 x 1150 kg

Density 7.73 g/cm3

Composition 39.5% oxygen, 37.9% iron, 17.5% silicon, 3.1% calcium, 0.9% other metals, 1.0% other elements


Gravity 11.31 m/s2

Escape Velocity 12.68 km/s

Rotation Period 17.4 hours

Axis Tilt 97.12 °


Type Thin toxic

Pressure 54.85 kPa

Composition 75.5% carbon dioxide, 24.5% oxygen, trace other gases


Approx. 4.5 Billion.


The environment of Cytrix Prime is inhospitable to humans due to the current atmosphere but strangely the fauna and flora have adapted to thrive in these conditions.

Due to the rotational axis of the planet, a portion of Cytrix Prime is shrouded in perpetual darkness for 5 years Cyrtixian time (12.8 terran standard). This has allowed for the fauna and flora to have evolve to become extremely hostile and all travel into the Dark Zone is highly restricted.

Cytrix contains a unique and theorised, naturally occurring mineral code named Amber-Glass that has been constantly requisitioned by REDACTED due to its highly psy-reactive properties.


The history of Cyrtix prime is one bathed in blood and constant enslavement for its scarce and unique resources. Since its very early colonisation, Cytrix Prime has known a brutal and harsh world with its large population housed primarily in a hive spire located south equator where it can take advantage of the direct sunlight and lack of predatory fauna located in the dark side of the planet.

The current ruling government at its inception implemented a crude yet effective transit system to ferry not only the large quantities resources but the population to the many mining sites on the planet. This was enacted due a previous uprising that occurred when the population of several smaller mining districts set up closer to the mines attempted to "renegotiate" their living conditions. Hence the consolidation and unity project occurred to bring all but the most essential workers to the hive.

Due to the "renegotiation" attempt a single correctional facility commonly known as The Hole, was constructed to house and re-educate any individual found to be not in line with the unified goal of Cytrix. Due to both the hostile environment and hostile fauna roaming the darkened planes the Eastern Planes was identified as the perfect construction zone of the "The Hole". Staffing is currently set to a minimum due to the habitat making escape a death sentence. Since its construction 40 Cytrician years ago there has not been an insurrection attempt.

In early 006.M31 two facility locations were requisitioned by REDACTED one utilizing a decommissioned relay facility on the northern tundra region, and an previous mining facility bordering the perpetual darkness called the twilight wastes. These facilities utilised previous instillations that were abandoned due to REDACTED in early 002.M31.

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