Dark Mechanicum Take The Fight to The Surface

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Battle Details

Type: Battle
Date: 699.007.M31
Sub-Sector:Hawcinus Sub-Sector
System: Harkarialis System
Planet: Kug'Arkal
Victor: Traitor
Influence: 5


Loyalists Involved In The Conflict


Army:Graham Sanders

Traitors Involved In The Conflict

Army:Dark Mechanicum


Battle Summary


After securing a successful beach-head on Dogon Station, the bulk lifters and troop carriers of the Squat fleet began the long job of unloading their cargoes prior to then marshalling their armies in preparation for the defence of Kug'Arkal itself, far below the orbital platform.

However, their preperations for war were not to be wholely unchallenged. Even as the first tanks rolled off the bulk carriers and onto the deck-plates of the docking bay aboard Dogon Station, massive explosions rang out throughout the zone. Abandoning for now their newly-arrived cargoes, the Squats pulled back to makeshift defenses, hastily pulled together for just such an eventuality.

Across the bay came the foe; towering battle-automata supported by spindly-legged walkers, and leading their line can a behemoth of steel and sparking cables. At the head of the traitor Mechanicum force stood a Knight Errant, stooping low on tortured hydraulics to barely miss the roof supports high above. The Knight opened fire, tearing great rents from the barricades behind which the Squats bravely hid.

Something needed to be done, and fast, to counter this new threat. Grimnir dispatched two teams; the first raced back to the heavy tanks left abandoned on the unloading ramps of the bulk carriers. Gunning the engines of these great machines, the Squats aimed the turrets straight at the battle-automata, gunning down robot after robot with massed anti-personnel fire.

The second team took to the access panels which bisected the pipe-strewn void beneath the docking bay floor. Prying open a panel, a team of veterans descended into the dark space beneath and worked their way forward. Emerging moments later, the Squat team sprang from a grate in the docking bay floor and unloaded plasma and melta gun fire into the side and rear arcs of the traitor Knight. It exploded in a fiery ball as it's nucleonic reactor suffered an uncontrollable breach, and for a moment a new star was born in the confined holds of the docking bay.

Alas, it was for nought. The remaining Mechanicum forces pushed the Squats ever further back, breaching their makeshift barricades and making short work of their stalwart enemies. Even with the incalulable loss of a Knight Errant, the traitor forces had defeated the Squats and prevented the loyalist forces from making a defense of the world below.

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