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High Technology Imperial Agri World


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Australis Ultima


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Chrondor System


Agri World



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Type Large iron/silicate

Mass 1.25 x 1257 kg

Density 4.49 g/cm3

Composition 36.0% oxygen, 33.3% iron, 23.2% silicon, 5.1% titanium, 1.9% other metals, 0.5% other elements


Gravity 12.67 m/s2

Escape Velocity 12.29 km/s

Rotation Period 21.4 hours

Axis Tilt 16.58 °


Type Thin reducing

Pressure 54.71 kPa

Composition 67.9% nitrogen, 20.7% oxygen, 11.4% argon, trace other gases



Drak-Moor is the bread basket of the system, producing foodstuffs that are exported to all the other world in the system, and since compliance, even the wider imperium, but by imperial reckoning, Drak-Moor is a civilised world. Despite the vast quantities of foods that come from the planet, and over 80% of the planets landmass covered in mega farms of one kind or another, there are few actual farmers on Drak-Moor. The Mega Farms are for the most part fully automated, a technological remnant from the Dark Age Of Technology.

These Mega Farms are even capable of expanding or replicating themselves, building ever upwards or outwards as needs demand. Since joining the wider imperium, some Mega Farms near star ports and other export facilities have come to resemble green Hive Cities in miniature, reacting to the sudden jump in demand for food of any and all kinds.

Only very simple tasks are required for their maintenance by a small number of skilled labourers, so for the most part the planets populations live in small cities dotted between the endless farms. These cities inhabitants live lives of relative luxury compared to your average imperial citizen, and many have turned into centres of learning, where the elite from the entire system send their best and brightest to be trained.

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