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Ultima Segmentum


Australis Ultima


Cambrius Sub-Sector


Eglurn System





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Type Large quartz/silicate

Mass 1.65 x 1215 kg

Density 6.37 g/cm3

Composition 38.6% oxygen, 34.8% iron, 18.4% silicon, 5.0% magnesium, 1.2% other metals, 2.0% other elements


Gravity 14.60 m/s2

Escape Velocity 17.56 km/s

Rotation Period nil

Axis Tilt 0.00 °


Type Standard reducing

Pressure 84.91 kPa

Composition 44.4% carbon dioxide, 31.6% sulfur dioxide, 24.0% methane, trace other gases

The planets surface is


Draonides is a small, barren rock of a world and at first seemed like a waste of time settling. The issue of proximity to the sun was enough of a deterrent in the first place. After time though it became apparent with so much activity in the system and the every growing industry of Eglurn that power consumption was going to be an issue. So Draonides would become a base of operations for the solar energy collection operation that would be set up within the Eglurn system.

The population was to consist mainly of the many work gangs and staff. The Planet was set up as the homing and control center for the collection operation and all of the collection stations would be launched from Draonides. To protect the populace from the harsh rays from the Systems sun the colonies were tunneled into the ground. The ground was hollowed out and built up with subterranean colonies. There are four clusters of collection stations and so four control centers the colonies were built around these control centers in order to house the staff and workers and maintain launching points for which the collector workers could be launched to work the stations. The control centers and the launching points are the only visible part of the four colonies scattered around the planet.

Draonides maintains a population of 57,395 people. Spread out between the four underground colonies. The Planet does not maintain a garrison, instead the Imperial fleet make regular patrols past the planet. In the event of an emergency or invasion the Colonies can be locked down and survive in this state for up to a year. By this time the relief effort should be in full swing.

This small rocky worlds population is more important to the Eglurn system than they know, providing energy for the entire system.



Nothing of note can be recorded of this planet pre compliance save for the massive subterranean caverns which are officially recorded as natural features. During the construction of the Colonies however it was discovered that they were actually created unnaturally, by a long dead species. All that remains are odd xenos inscriptions on the walls of these tunnel systems that are now censured, the original surveyors whom made the discovery have also completely disappeared.


After Imperial forces took control of the system Draonides was as stated overlooked due to its inhospitably. But after a power crises emerged throughout the system Imperial command decreed that the system star would be harnessed for power, as has been the case in other systems. 4 Groups of collection stations were sent to set up in vicinity of the star and each group has a command center that was built upon Draonides. Each group contains 12 Collector stations, each requiring its own crew and support staff. Danger is a fact of life for these crewmen whom if they are lucky enough to survive the trips to and from Draonides in the first place due to how dangerous solar flares are at such a close proximity to the star. If they are lucky enough to survive these dangers then most eventually succumb to the radiation poisoning that comes hand in hand with this sort of industry.

The Crews of the collection stations then prepare the energy harnessed from this operation to be transported. The energy is transported back to Draonides from the stations where it is recovered by the Imperial patrol that passes through on regular routes. It is then ofcourse dispersed through the system via the shipyards on Elgurn.

Post Compliance

The Planet still produces the majority of the systems energy and the war has not yet effected the small outpost colony. The colonies hard working citizens are largely unawares of the heresy and the violent wars being fought in other systems, they continue to work and toil, bringing power to the system not even aware if it is going to the Imperium or its enemies.

Battle Types

Random Shadow Missions are used for battles on Draonides.

Campaign Reports

Northern Front - Battle of Eglurn System
Northern Front Ribbon.png

The Eglurn System is on the outer reaches of the Cambrius Sub-Sector. Like most the systems within ..→

Battle Reports

Battle Name Date Planet Battle Outcome Battle Summary
Northern Front - Battle of Eglurn System~ 1st battle on Draonides 342.009.M31 Draonides Loyalist

As part of 1st Captain Sigismund's master plan to retake the Eglurn system from the clutch of the traitors he had realized he must secure the Solar power manufactories of Draonides. Unbeknownst to ..→

Skirmish Reports

  • L-XV-1445 defeated L-VII-2056 a Traitor gain.
  • L-VII-2056 defeated L-XV-1445 a Loyalist gain.