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Former Baylonian Conclave Fortress World


Ultima Segmentum


Australis Ultima


Centrumeh Sub-Sector


Oteal System


Dead Fortress World



Dur-Kazit Map.jpg


Type Large iron/silicate

Mass 2.48 x 1025 kg

Density 5.41 g/cm3

Composition 41.0% iron, 30.9% oxygen, 19.0% silicon, 8.7% magnesium, 0.5% other metals, trace other elements


Gravity 13.07 m/s2

Escape Velocity 15.06 km/s

Rotation Period 31.40 hours

Axis Tilt 13.57 °


Type Thin toxic

Pressure 19.61 kPa

Composition 68.9% sulfur dioxide, 25.0% carbon dioxide, 4.7% methane, 1.3% argon, 0.1% nitrogen, trace other gases


No known population due to high levels of radiation and regular seismic activity as a result of orbital bombardment during the Vilnor Incident.



Never seen as a useful world to host a hive population, grow agriculture or produce goods, Dur-Kazit was doomed to a solitary existence until the Synod saw its true fated purpose. With such a rapid and stable orbit at the edge of the system the planet was well suited to be home to a massive defense array in order to provide security for the inner worlds. Not only that but the worlds lack of vegetation and composition lent itself to highly robust bunkers and fortification emplacements, something which the Synod utilised to the fullest.

Within decades of settling their forge world on Baylon the Kazitian Synod had converted the rock into a fortified planet bristling with armaments and secure links to a defensive network anchored along its orbital path which was far more lethal then any initial scan would reveal. Laced amongst the weapon platforms were deactivated mine fields programmed linked with early warning systems and intricate augury arrays nestled in inconspicuous asteroids. A ring of death which could be used to defend from attack as easily as threaten those within, the latter being the key to ensuring the long term loyalty of the Knight Houses.


While the initial stages of communication between the Conclave and the 597th Crusade Fleet were cordial it quickly became apparent that the Synod was not even considering bending knee to the Emperor. Affronted at the perceived insult from the emotionless Synod representatives for dragging the negotiations out, the Crusade Fleets commander, an Imperial Fist Captain by the name of Vilnor, ordered a more aggressive approach. Cajoling turned to pressuring, which in turn gave way to veiled intimidations and finally outright threats, all of which were ignored in the blank faced manner of the Synod who responded with the standard; “The Baylonian Conclave will consider your proposal and give you our answer in due time.”

The first actions of open aggression came when the Crusade Fleet levelled an embargo on the Conclave and all incoming and outgoing trade vessels, an embargo which the Synod ignored. The records indicate that the first shots were actually fired by Imperial forces triggering a cascading avalanche of retaliatory salvos back and forth. This first conflict, known as the Vilnor incident, actually lasted for three full days and resulted in dozens of Imperial capital ships destroyed by the mammoth defence ring of Dur-Kazit followed by its orbital bombardment at the hands of the furious Imperial Fists Captain. While the Fortress World did indeed fall and was bombed into silence, the death toll on the Imperial fleet was staggering to such a degree that the exact figures were purged from the data cores to prevent it from being used as future propaganda; the loss of vessels alone resulted in the Crusade fleet being disbanded.

Before either side could launch a second offensive the burgeoning war was defused by the arrival of a large Mechanicum fleet direct from Mars itself with orders from Terra to take over the Compliance action. Rather than pursuing the military path which Vilnor had initiated the Priests reopened lines of communication with the Baylonian Conclave, this time as one Magos to another, even still the damage caused by Vilnor Incident made any progress difficult. After a further two weeks of negotiations the Martian delegation emerged and declared, to the stunned Astartes command, the Compliance. The delegation had successfully negotiated the surrender and Compliance of the Baylonain Conclave on the conditions that the worlds of Baylon, Kych, Cipaar and Nypour would remain under the control of the Kazitian Synod who in turn would bend knee and swear allegiance directly to Mars itself, while the worlds of Uruq and Laigach would be ceded to the Imperium, the new governor’s seat moving to Laigach’s inhabitable moon of Larza.

Post Compliance

Even before the shocking actions of Istvaan filtered through to the Australis Ultima Sector, the situation in the Oteal System had degenerated to dangerous levels. Rumours of military build ups on the Kazitian loyal planets persisted along with the myth that Dur-Kazit was being secretly rebuilt, however without any evidence the systems Governor could take no direct action against the planets as they were sworn to the Red Planet and owed him no allegiance.

With the onset of civil war and the Fabricator General openly siding with Horus, the Kazitian Synod seized the opportunity and declared independence of the Imperium, reforming the Baylonian Conclave and began mobilising its military. Desperately outgunned the Governor immediately issued a recall to all Imperial forces in the System and requested aid form the Sub-Sector Governor in Centrumeh Gate.

Before the Kazitian forces were able to fully muster, a small armada translated into the system, but not in response to the Governor’s call for aid. It was a splinter element of a fleet loyal to the Warmaster on its way to the Trugoy System to prosecute another war of eradication against the Loyalists. Unsure of the situation and unwilling to engage two potential enemies the Kazitian navy maintained a defensive posture while attempts to communicate with the new player were sent.

Despairing at now having to face two potential hostile forces, the Imperial presence in the system began to prepare for the worst and readied themselves for invasion. Hope blossomed momentarily when a signal from the VIIth was received, confirming that they were en route and less than two days out, this message however was followed quickly by the Sub-Sector wide broadcast from the Imperium, instructing all Loyal fleets to the Trugoy System.

Campaign Reports

Baylonian Insurrection
Baylonian Insurrection Ribbon.png


Even before the shocking actions of Istvaan filtered through to the Australis Ultima ..→

Battle Reports

Battle Name Date Planet Battle Outcome Battle Summary
Baylonian Insurrection~Act 1 139.008.M31 System Wide Loyalist

With the recall of all Imperial forces to the Trugoy System leaving the Oteal system largely defenseless the Governor based on Laigach prepared his forces for invasion from the enemy on two ..→

Baylonian Insurrection~Act 10 694.008.M31 System Wide Traitor

With the final offensive launched, it was only a matter of time before the Traitors declared victory over the system. It was a testament to their resolve that the Loyalist forces held on for as long ..→

Baylonian Insurrection~Act 2 158.008.M31 System Wide Traitor

Using their holdings on Dur-Kazit as a staging point the Traitors were the first to strike out in a renewed attempt to seize territory after a brief respite fractured by sporadic strike force ..→

Baylonian Insurrection~Act 3 216.008.M31 System Wide Traitor

Maintaining the momentum from their advances in the previous stage of the Campaign the Traitors fleet secured the naval lane between Dur-Kazit and Laigach while the Loyalists continued to ..→

Baylonian Insurrection~Act 4 292.008.M31 System Wide Traitor

Even with a number of covert strikes against Dur-Kazit written off as failures, the Loyalist command pushed ahead with the all out assault against the Traitors territories on the Fortress World. ..→

Baylonian Insurrection~Act 5 350.008.M31 System Wide Traitor

Attempting to reconsolidate their position on Dur-Kazit the Traitors forces launches a series of offensives in an effort to retake the entire planet and maintain their control. While somewhat ..→

Baylonian Insurrection~Act 6 388.008.M31 System Wide Loyalist

With both forces reaching a certain level of impasse the Campaign entered a new stage of attrition; both factions launching harassing assaults against each others strongholds in an attempt to break ..→

Baylonian Insurrection~Act 7 464.008.M31 System Wide Traitor

Whether it was the failed attempt to cripple each others ships or a planned change of tactics, the Traitors were no longer willing to play the same game. Entering a new phase of the Campaign the ..→

Baylonian Insurrection~Act 8 541.008.M31 System Wide Unresolved

With the act of rebellion the Baylonian Synod brought the wrath of not only the Loyalists but the Traitors as well. Their intention to reclaim their lost empire and stand apart from the warring ..→

Baylonian Insurrection~Act 9 637.008.M31 System Wide Unresolved

Cautious of the emboldened Synod forces from the previous phase of the war, both Traitors and Loyalists played a far more defensive tactic then either of them had for a long time. Unwilling to leave ..→

Baylonian Insurrection~Zone Mortalis Operation 10 350.008.M31 Dur-Kazit Traitor

A Rescue Operation to recover the Primarch Corax.

While there were a number of strike teams dispatched to rescue the Primarch, the Traitors had guarded their prize well and repelled most of the ..→

Baylonian Insurrection~Zone Mortalis Operation 12 388.008.M31 Dur-Kazit Loyalist

A rescue operation to recover the Salamanders Primarch, Vulcan.

Baylonian Insurrection~Zone Mortalis Operation 13 388.008.M31 Dur-Kazit Traitor

A rescue operation to recover the Words Bearers Primarch, Lorgar.

Baylonian Insurrection~Zone Mortalis Operation 2 153.008.M31 Dur-Kazit Loyalist

A Rescue Operation to recover a captured World Eaters Praetor.

With the Traitors Warmaster also in danger, little priority was given over to the retrieval of this officer. A single sortie by the ..→

Baylonian Insurrection~Zone Mortalis Operation 3 153.008.M31 Dur-Kazit Loyalist

A Rescue Operation to recover a captured Salamanders Praetor

After no less than eight separate sorties onto the Traitor held world Dur-Kazit, the Loyalist forces managed to locate, secure and ..→

Baylonian Insurrection~Zone Mortalis Operation 4 216.008.M31 Dur-Kazit Traitor

A sabotage operation against Dur-Kazit.

While a required action, the mission against Dur-Kazit was an obvious one and the Traitors had made safe guards to protect against such operations. Leaving ..→

Baylonian Insurrection~Zone Mortalis Operation 6 216.008.M31 Dur-Kazit Loyalist

A Rescue Operation to recover a captured Raven Guard Praetor.

Taking advantage of the distraction caused by the Imperial Fists strike into one of the Dur-Kazit fortresses, the Raven Guard forces in ..→

Baylonian Insurrection~Zone Mortalis Operation 8 301.008.M31 Dur-Kazit Loyalist

A Rescue Operation to recover a captured Traitor Militia Commander

A senior officer of the Traitors Militia detachment has been captured by the Loyalist forces during an engagement on the Agri ..→

Skirmish Reports

  • L-VII-7184 defeated L-XIV-3076 a Loyalist gain.
  • L-VII-7184 defeated L-XVII-2055 a Loyalist gain.
  • L-XIX-1024 defeated L-XIV-3076 a Loyalist gain.
  • L-XIX-1024 defeated L-XVII-2055 a Loyalist gain.
  • L-VII-8344 defeated L-XII-3140 a Loyalist gain.
  • L-XX-5126 defeated L-XVIII-1182 a Traitor gain.
  • L-VII-8344 defeated L-XVI-9805 a Loyalist gain.
  • L-XVIII-1182 defeated L-XII-3140 a Loyalist gain.
  • L-XX-2156 defeated I-ARMY-3090 a Traitor gain.
  • L-XIV-2984 defeated L-XIII-8435 a Traitor gain.
  • L-XVIII-1182 defeated I-ARMY-4927 a Loyalist gain.
  • L-VII-8344 defeated L-XII-3140 a Loyalist gain.
  • L-XVIII-1182 defeated L-VIII-0972 a Loyalist gain.
  • L-XII-3140 defeated I-ARMY-4927 a Traitor gain.
  • L-XX-0913 defeated L-XX-5126 a Loyalist gain.
  • L-XIX-1024 defeated L-X-4508 a Loyalist gain.
  • L-XIX-1024 defeated L-XX-5218 a Loyalist gain.
  • L-XIX-1024 defeated L-XX-5218 a Loyalist gain.
  • L-XVIII-1182 defeated L-XIV-3076 a Loyalist gain.
  • L-XVII-5831 defeated L-XIII-8435 a Traitor gain.