Eglurn Outpost

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Eglurn Outpost
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Listening Outpost


Ultima Segmentum


Australis Ultima


Cambrius Sub-Sector


Eglurn System


Listening Station



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Type Space Station

Mass 1.65 x 215 kg

Density 16.37 g/cm3

Composition Manufactured


Gravity 9.60 m/s2

Escape Velocity 17.56 km/s

Rotation Period 24.00 hours

Axis Tilt 2.06 °


Type Controlled

Pressure 84.91 kPa

Composition 73.08% nitrogen, 20.95% oxygen, 3.930% argon, 2.0402% carbon dioxide,~ 1% water vapor

The station is a manned listening station on the edge of the system.


With the station used for military intelligence gathering and trade over 1,000 people call the station home with thousands more coming and going to do trade within the sub sector.

Although the stations intentions is kept secret so the population gathered here rarely leave and is kept small so as to not attract attention and.. informants.



Elgurn Station was sent up as a centre of trade. Those on Elgurn while open to trade have always been careful with allowing outsiders to visit their home world. The station was one of the major centres of trade within the sector. directing commerce and trade fleets from the local system out into the wider sector.


Like all the outer sections of the system before compliance most of those on the station were taken to Eglurn and senior officials used the station to accept compliance for the system without objection. After seeing the result of not doing so in other systems within the sub sector. The Station was replaced by Imperial operators and its purpose re designed into that of military listening and searching for would be threats.

Post Compliance

After compliance Eglurn Station was part taken over as a base of military intelligence gathering but also left in a large part to its original purpose of trade within the sector. Although this was largely controlled now by the Imperium. Now with the war raging in full swing this station is vital to keeping the defenders one step ahead of the invaders and its efforts can be attributed to many of the loyalists early victories, by knowing where and when the enemy would strike.

Now though the traitors are catching on to this trick, and their own intelligence network is working to pinpoint the location of the little station. Soon the tables may be turned and it will be the station who requires defending, or even reclamation.

Battle Types

Due to the confined spaces within the station all battles will use the Random Zone Mortials Missions and Rules.

Campaign Reports

Northern Front - Battle of Eglurn System
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The Eglurn System is on the outer reaches of the Cambrius Sub-Sector. Like most the systems within ..→

Battle Reports

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Skirmish Reports

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