Extraction from Carpus IV

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Battle Details

Type: Battle
Date: 809.008.M31
Sub-Sector:Enter Here
System: Enter Here
Planet: Enter Here
Victor: Loyalist
Influence: 5


Loyalists Involved In The Conflict


Traitors Involved In The Conflict

Army:Dark Mechanicum

Battle Summary

Combatants: 67th Chapter, VII Legio Astartes versus Dark Mechanicum Salvage Force

"We will hold them to the last, Marshal. Avenge us." With that last transmission, Castellan Friedrich and his garrison's fate was certain. Nearly nine months after discovering a fragment of an STC on Carpus IV and four months of guerrilla war, the garrison was no more. 12 Astartes, 75 initiates, and nearly 400 Legion serfs, gone. The attackers resembled the noble warriors of the Mechanicum, but looked...wrong. The hulking machine hybrids moved too fluidly, organically. They looked almost alive.

"Prepare the landers. Mark the coordinates Castellan Friedrich sent. Brothers, this is no mindless xenos threat," spoke Marshal Battuta. "Castellan Crassus, you will command our ground forces. Your mission is to find this STC fragment and return to the Rihla as soon as possible. Without the Terra Ascendant we lack the capacity to become involved in a protracted conflict,' said Marshal Battuta. "Your will, Marshal," replied Castellan Crassus.

The landers dropped Task Force Crassus on the outskirts of blasted township. His force was composed of three Rhinos carrying 2 squads of Tactical Marines and 1 squad of specialists carrying plasma weapons, likely effective against the mechanical abominations and a Land Raider carrying a half of the Rihla's complement of Terminators in Cataphractii armor.

In the ruins, Task Force Crassus quickly found the hidden cache that contained the STC fragment. It was quickly loaded in to the Land Raider and all speed was made for the transports.

A Conversion Beamer blast detonated against the front of the Land Raider, heralding the ambush. Massive, hulking monstrosities detached themselves from the shadows and unleashed waves of arcing lighting, bolts, and more esoteric weapons. Crassus' lost several brothers to the destruction of a Rhino. Unbowed, the rest of the Task Force charged towards the enemy. Discipline bolter and plasma fire, along with support from the Land Raider made short work of the smaller machine warriors. The Terminators, led by Crassus himself, destroyed a trio of massive machines the size of Contemptor dreadnoughts.

The Conversion Beamer blasted again, immolating four of Crassus' vanguard. 'Castellan, take the fragment back. I will hold them,' spoke the Terminator Sergeant. 'Mission first, Sergeant,' replied Crassus. He then ran to the waiting Land Raider and signaled a high speed motor charge through the enemy lines. The remaining Rhino and foot troops followed suite. The lone Sergeant, noting a team of heavy weapon wielding machines in a nearby ruin charged them. He managed to destroy one of the beasts while being pulled down by two others when Crassus lost site of him. 'Your story shall live on, brother.'

Victory to the VIIth

Skirmish Reports

Skirmishes Added

Skirmish Designation Victor Defeated Faction Victor
Extraction from Carpus IV~1491532117 L-VII-4176 Dark Mechanicum Loyalist

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