First Contact

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Battle Details

Type: Battle
Date: 603.007.M31
Sub-Sector:Hawcinus Sub-Sector
System: Harkarialis System
Planet: Kug'Arkal
Victor: Traitor
Influence: 5


Loyalists Involved In The Conflict


Traitors Involved In The Conflict


Battle Summary

As The Shadows of Lerna begin to machinate the downfall of the Loyalist lords of Kug'Arkal, a small garrison of Blood Angels continue their patrols along the edge of the mineshaft designated MAG-349-DELTA, one of the smaller shafts situated far from the warmth of Harkarialis. The Blood Angels were investigating a report of a particularly abhorrent cadre of Zut addicts, hiding from the Directorate in the abandoned Hab-blocks and research buildings which face out towards the frozen wastes. What they encountered, however, was something much more dangerous...

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Skirmish Reports

Skirmishes Added

Skirmish Designation Victor Defeated Faction Victor
First Contact~1439160683 L-XX-5375 L-IX-0000 Traitor

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Battle Pictures

A02 -Taskforce Halcyon forms a gunline, with their commanders directing from the rear .JPG A03 - The Taskforce's Headhunters emerge from the snow, and ready their aim.JPG A04 - (the blue bloke was a blood angel for this mission, for the record).JPG A05 - The Angel's rapid advance had left their flanks vulnerable - and meltagun-armed breacher teams moved up to punish them for it.JPG A06 - The Northeastern Headhunter team was caught and wiped out, but not before drawing blood.JPG A07 - The Northwestern Headhunter squad, lead by a Headhunter Alpha, put their fearsome Banestrike shells to good use.JPG A08 - The Blood Angels take cover in one of the ruined Hab-blocks....JPG A09 - The Alpha Legion gunline has trouble finding a target.JPG A10 - Some of the Assault Marines weren't fast enough, however, and are brought own by melta fire.JPG A11- The flanking Breacher Melta team draw a bead on the enemy Leader, hoping to shoot him out of the air, but the shot goes wide.JPG A12 - As the Assault Squad draws near, the headhunters draw Power Daggers and counter charge, the electrified blades making short work of the unsuspecting Angels.JPG A13 - Some of the surviving Blood Angels on the western flank fire their jetpacks in a attempt to disrupt the gunline, landing behind the Taskforce's commander.JPG A14 - The Angels' commander continues to hide out of sight of the Alpha's guns.JPG A15 - The Blood Angels burst from cover and engage the gunline, as the Alpha Legion's Veteran moves to assist.JPG A16 - The Alpha Legion's flexible tactics allows them to react quickly, as blades are drawn and the Angels are met with another counter-charge.JPG A17 - The Assault Marines dance around the hefty Breacher teams .JPG A18 -The Headhunters continue to tear into the hapless Angels.JPG A19 - The Angels' Commander attempted to pick off the isolated Breacher team on the flank, but was turned into a bubbling pile of slag by a lucky overwatch shot.JPG A20 - The Alpha's veteran was struck a fatal blow by the assault marines, but not before claiming one's life in return.JPG A21 - The Tactical marines avenged their brother by bringing down the enemy sergeant with a few well-placed strikes. The Blood Angels concede the battlefield and disengage.JPG A22 - The Aftermath.JPG A23 - MVP Northwest Headhunter team, showing the assault marines how it's done.JPG B01 - The Alpha Legion threaten the mineshaft, so the Blood Angels prepare to sally forth and meet them in open battle.jpg B02 - The Traitors show a more unified front, looking to meet the Loyalists head on.JPG B03 - The deadly meltagunners advance behind the massive boarding shields of the breachers.JPG B04 - A small contingent of Headhunters brings up the rear.JPG B05 - Strike Commander Halcyon is seen near the front lines.JPG B06 - The Blood Angels quickly close the gap, leaving the Traitors with time for only a single volley.JPG B07 - The breachers move forward to fill the gap created by the assaulting troops, as Halcyon effortlessly deals with the remnants of the 3rd squad of assault marines.JPG B08 - The Meltaguns prepare to fire.JPG B09 - The Angels second squad make quick work of the Alpha's tactical squad, but are held up by the Veteran who lead them.JPG B10 - The Meltaguns fire off a devastating volley, and as Commander Halcyon leads the counter charge into the Assault marines, the Blood Angels flee and concede victory to the Alphas.JPG The Blood Angels scatter, attempting to engage the Alpha Legion as they emerge from hiding.jpeg

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