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Class: Dead/Mining

Fortius Prime.png

Fortius Prime

Territories: 100
Iterators: 0
Cultists: 0
Class: System Capital

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Class: Gas Giant



Class: Gas Giant

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Savage Reach

The system of Fortius'' is comprised of six planets orbiting a sun roughly the solar mass of Sol. It was brought to compliance early in the crusade. At that time, the only inhabited planet, later called Fortius Prime by the Administratum, quickly and willingly accepted compliance and an imperial governor was appointed from among the indigenous population.

During the Horus Heresy, the system was left largely untouched owing to its minimal strategic value. The outermost planet was briefly the battleground for the Emperor's Children and Imperial Army, which shattered the world after a bombardment by the Combined Fleets. Its remnants now orbit the Fortius system as an asteroid field.

This field, known locally as the Girdle, made the system very difficult to navigate after exiting from warp transit as it lies at the very outer edge of the Fortius star's gravity well.

Only one ship managed to make it through to Fortius Prime following the Heresy - The Imperial Truth - a small ship of the nascent Inquisition which took the Spear of Destiny to secrete it in the Mountain.

The Girdle led to the system largely being isolated from the greater Imperium until the 36th millennium when an Iron Hand's Company visited the system after a battle with Chaos forces. After using their superior knowledge of machine spirits to navigate the Girdle, the Iron Hands Captain Geral Sophicus made vox contact with the Imperial governor and was welcomed to Fortius Prime. Despite the 5,000 years that had passed since contact with the Imperium, Sophicus' Company found the system was still loyal and free from any chaos taint.

Sophicus determined that the Emperor's light had let his company to Fortius to reconnect it to the greater Imperium. His company and its Mechanicum forces remained in the system for 100 years, upgrading the local tech to allow for tracking and predicting the movement of asteroids and allow for navigation of the Girdle.

His astropaths were able to pass information back to the Administratum who sent representatives to the system. A full scan of the local planets was undertaken and resources identified. Also arriving in Fortius Prime were representatives from the Ecclesiarchy. The Ecclesiarchy spread the Imperial faith to the locals, who were initially reluctant having maintained their belief in the Imperial truth. But ultimately their inbred loyalty to rule from Terra meant most accepted the new truths.

Shortly after, the Iron Hands departed the system and, apart from the Planetary Defence Force, no Imperial Military forces were present in the system until the Spear of Destiny incident.

Known Planets within the System